Thoughts for today…

Hi Angels,
Just wanted to let you know I  sent Tao Porchon a request to see if I could interview her for the site! Fingers crossed we get to hear from this inspirational woman. I am so glad you enjoyed the video. Me too! 🙂
Speaking of inspirational!! I just got this email in-

care2 petitionsite actionAlert

Hi Angelique,

Are you in need of some good news? Here are some recent examples of what Care2 members have helped accomplish.

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary Re-Opened
Wolf The paperwork is in and Wolf Mountain Sanctuary (WMS) is open — all thanks to you! County officials demanded the sanctuary re-permit in order to remain open, but WMS could not afford the pricey process. After being bombarded with almost 13,000 petition signatures and emails urging them to open WMS, officials finally listened! Help more wolves.

Kevin Keith Saved From Death Sentence
Kevin Keith Thanks to supporters like you, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland spared Kevin Keith from execution last week. Death Penalty Focus created a petition — signed by 14,000 Care2 members — to save this man, who many believe was convicted based on flawed identifications. We are so happy Governor Strickland listened to all of you. Read more.

EU Seal Trade Ban Takes Effect
Seal On August 20, the EU ban on seal product trade came into effect. Thank you to all the Care2 members and animal activists who continue to fight for seals. Although the ban has some flaws, this major step forward gives us hope for even better seal protection and a complete ban of seal products in the future. Read more.

Federal Judge Rules Military Gay Ban Is Unconstitutional
Military A federal judge ruled on Thursday that the U.S. military’s ban on openly gay service personnel, known as “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT), is unconstitutional. The judge will now issue a permanent injunction to prevent enforcement of the DADT rule, ending such discharges. Activists are working hard to ensure DADT is eliminated for good. Read more.

Florida Bans Fox and Coyote Pens
Fox pen Earlier this summer, we celebrated when one Care2 member’s petition helped convince the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to draft a rule banning all fox and coyote pens. Now a new petition with almost 3,000 signatures resulted in the FWC voting to approve the rule and ban fox and coyote pens statewide. Read more.

We love sharing good news with you. Keep up the great work and remember to share your own success stories with us by emailing

Best Wishes!

Megan S.
Care2 Campaigns Team

I wanted to share it with you. It’s not so much if you agree with the politics, but just to show you how powerful the PEN can be!

Care2 is a great petition site to get involved with, make your voice heard and actually affect positive change for things you might be passionate about. Whatever you are passionate about, it’s as easy as a google search to find a great organization to get involved with. I’m involved with many and I would be happy to share a list.

I know a lot of us are financially challenged these days. And it’s really a shame that it cost money, a lot of money sometimes, to try to change some things, that are so obvious. (Like putting toxins into products we buy, or letting our food get infiltrated with GMO’s and so on. Or why it cost so much money to get to be President?)

But with our purchase power, and signing petitions, it’s one way we can HEAL.
So that’s just my thought for the day.
More to come!
All love-


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