To Soy or Not To Soy?

Greetings Angels,

How are you? I trust and intention, you are perfect! 🙂

Some of you may be wondering about the poll, The Angel Frequency or The Angels Way? I love suspense and a good surprise! I hope you too?

I am still tallying up the numbers. It’s not too late to get your vote in!  I will leave the results as a surprise for our launch 10/10/10! 🙂

We have a lot of things coming up!!

The launch, my review of the Longevity Now Conference, my interview with David Wolfe, and so much more!

I have had something on my mind for a while though and I wanted to share it with you. I have been a vegan for over 20 years. Part of why I think I found success, is because I loved so many of the “fake” meat products. Veggie sausages, veggie burgers, hot dogs, soy ice cream, and BBQ tofu!!! Then I started to hear a few years ago that soy wasn’t the miracle replacement I’d thought it was.  I tried to ignore it. I mean after all, I wasn’t eating sugar, hydrogenated oils, fructose, corn syrup, pizza, soda, candy, wheat,  dairy,  you name it! I was healthy!!

Plus, I didn’t eat it all that often. I’ll be honest with you, I tried to ignore it.

This past weekend I was at David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference. It was incredible and some of the best speakers on our Food Future were there. Of course David, but also, Daniel Vitale and John Robbins just to name a couple. I was really inspired!
The reason I bring it up is because one of the phrases that really stuck with me was, “we are coming out of a food Holocaust!”

With so much information coming out and being backed up with scientific studies, it is truly time we step out of the dark ages in relation to our food.
As some of you may or may not know, my favorite saying about food is this.

“Eating consciously, leads to higher consciousness!”

In regards to soy, I believe it’s got some good qualities and some bad. The bad is what they have to do to the soy to get it into burgers, chicken nuggets, and all those other delicious alternatives you thought you were eating for better health. Turns out they have to process the soy, which means they contain natural toxins called “antinutrients”. As well soy contains goitrogens which lead to depressed thyroid function. Phytates, which prevent absorption of life enhancing minerals. And it’s also loaded with phytoestrogens, which sometimes block the hormone estrogen and has adverse effects on human tissues.
As well, if it’s not certified organic, there’s a good chance it’s a GMO!

But it’s not all doom and gloom! 🙂

Soy has some really good qualities  if it’s “fermented!” Please still remember to keep this in small amounts. Fermented soy contains Vitamin K2.  Vitamin K2 is emerging as a key vitamin to fight the signs of aging. You can find this in things like tempeh, miso, natto and soy sauce!

My best advice, only buy organic. And don’t overdo it. There’s a lot of information on Google, if you would like to find out more. Some of my source information I found on one of my other favorite sources for research from Dr. Andrew Mercola.

Another one of the speakers at The Longevity Now Conference.
More about that to come….

All love and eternal gratitude


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