Greetings Angels,

10/10/10 is rapidly approaching and what a wonderful day this is looking to be. Not only is it the official launch day of The Angel Frequency, but all over the world, people  are focusing on this paradigm shift. Many are speaking of a portal opening, a raise of consciousness, a shift, a transition. It’s really a time, to take a mental, physical, and spiritual account of where you are on your journey.

Many feel this is a good time for celebration and collaboration. The spiritual family is gathering. There is just too much divine serendipity and synchronicity happening to not take notice. There’s also a lot happening on the planet now, where it just feels obvious that the old ways have to go. Old ideologies that keep us isolated or in fear,  as we grow in consciousness, seem to be more primitive and basically ridiculous. We are so powerful that anything that would keep us from knowing this, falls under a weapon of mass destruction.  The time is now. To eradicate all negative thought patterns and behaviors.


It’s simply with LOVE! We’ve been though the ages of darkness, industrialization, agriculture and technology, let us learn from it all and herald in the sustainability of LOVE.

I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you. Already so many kind comments and feedback. I want to thank you so much.

There’s a lot happening now as I get ready for the launch and for the event I will be participating this Sunday.

Please share with me what you are getting up to? The more we share our rising consciousness and shift into beings of light, the more powerful we become.

The more we heal ourselves, we heal others.

The more we focus on love, the more we bring it into our lives.

The more we let go of fear, the closer we get to being enlightened beings.

And all of this is suppose to be FUN!

In the spirit of fun, guess what? I have another COUPLE of really special gift for you!

So please stay tuned for my next post. Where I will share these, and tell you about The Barefoot Doctor!

All love and eternal gratitude-




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elsa
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 02:10:52

    I have passed through the transition…u may or may not remember the post Isent to u. Then I was in the agony of rebirth…Now I understnad that we r spiritual beings having a human experience. The veil of forgetfullness that cloaks us during birth, is necessary if we r to truly experience choice…It is nice to be balanced again…We have so much to do and little time left…The consciousness that is beginning is what will be needed on 12-21-12 when the alinement occurs. We will need to combine our energies into one sheild.


  2. ROSA
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 13:33:15



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