Don’t YOU want to be “crazy”!?

Greeting ANGELS,
A huge thank you to all of you for stopping by. The Angel Frequency is flying, the spiritual family is connecting, and the Angel Tribe is GROWING!

Apparently David Wolfe isn’t just a “SUPER” food HERO to me. I had such a great time joining him at The Longevity Now Conference. We’ll have the DVD available here soon. If you couldn’t be there, this is definitely the next best thing.

Sure some people might think we’re crazy. But that’s what they said about people who thought the world was round. This consciousness shift happening now is just like that time. A lot of people think “consciousness” is simply being in an awake state, as opposed to sleeping. But the focus here is to shift our gears elevating our consciousness to an AWARE state.
Until around 330 BC, even Aristotle provided observational evidence for the spherical Earth. Now consciousness is taking a quantum leap forward and everywhere little lights are sparking! Even the youngest of us are putting some dinosaurs to rest!

Here’s someone who really struck a chord with me. If any of you ever felt like, what’s the point it’s hopeless. Let me introduce you to Birke Baehr, who is just 11 years old!

When you watch this video, you’ll understand the title of this post. As a dear friend of mine, eco-house builder, wizard, and founder of The Entrepreneurs’ Club Int’l Simon Hinton said to me recently, “I’ve seen the future and it works!”, quoting Prince.
Contrary to belief or pop songs, the children are not our future. We are our future, and the future is now!
Let’s go CRAZY!
All love and eternal gratitude-


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