The #1 Cause of Aging?

Dear Angels and Friends,

How are you?

Over 1000 of you watched the interview with David Wolfe! I wanted to thank you so much for all the great comments and feedback. But since this interview, there’s been MANY more new Angels here on The Angel Frequency! 🙂 The Angel Tribe is growing thanks to YOU!

It’s an exciting time and to say thanks, I wanted to send you this other FREE interview! I guess you know by now, I’m a huge fan of the important mission David Wolfe is on. I feel like he has some incredibly valuable information for those of you out there interested in Nutrition Rehab and Longevity.

Aging is NOT simply the natural passage of time, it is the decay and
breakdown of our body from multiple causes.

Sickness is NOT the natural state of our body, it is a divergence from
its natural balanced state.

There ARE things you can do right now to arrest the aging process…

In this exclusive interview with best-selling author and health advocate
David Wolfe, he reveals his latest discoveries on how we can slow down
and even stop the rapid aging process.

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