School For Warriors Program Doors have opened!

Greetings dearest Angels and Friends,

I hope this is finding you all very well? I don’t know if it’s just been me, but boy have I had one CRAZY week. I asked a friend if I should tell you and he said only if I wanted your sympathy? Well, honestly I don’t. But I do believe everything happens for a reason. The week began with my uncle passing away, then I fell and practically broke my arm and then 2 days ago I got terrible food poisoning. Talk about a “Chi Storm” as The Barefoot Doctor put it when I told him. So why am I telling you? Well, one to apologize for being rather silent this past week. And also, to tell you that since I’ve been doing these exercises, I do really feel great. Or rather I did feel great till I fell and got the food poisoning. ha ha The thing is, I still felt great mentally and I knew all this would pass. In fact, I can finally type with two hands again, and the food poisoning is passing.
I think being centered and strong with your Chi helps you weather anything!

Quantum transformation of chi and the self is the holy grail for
the warrior.

Developing the relationship and coordination between the various
aspects and levels of energy and self to the point of becoming
someone totally new, to all intents and purposes, is the
warrior’s quest.

The Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell, has spent his whole life as
a warrior, exploring chi and consciousness. Europe’s best known
and loved personal development teacher has mined the cosmic
secrets that guide us into our truest selves and the great
oneness of the Tao, from where transformation springs.

Now after 44 years of his own explorations and over 30 years
interpreting and honing these Taoist treasures from ancient
China, Stephen now proudly and humbly offers to you his in-depth
online training – School for Warriors 1&2.

SFW-1 is the deepest exploration you can get of the Taoist Eight
Principles of Personal Power, which are fundamental to the
transformational process…

SFW-2 is his intensive training in how to access, develop,
harness and focus chi – supercharged life force….

Combined, SFW-1&2 are a life transforming, chi-tastic experience!

Just click here 🙂

For the next four days the doors are open for School for Warriors
– they close at midnight 12:00 PST (Los Angeles time) on Monday
November 22nd.

Stephen is attracting a committed group of explorers to
collectively move through this profound and lifechanging

SFW-1&2 are collectively 14 potentially blissful weeks of

Join a group of courageous, powerful people just like me and you
for the transformational process of your life.

All you have to do is click here to find out more 🙂

Best wishes

PS After Monday night the doors to the School for Warriors 1 & 2
training close till late next summer. So don’t dally, tarry or
hang about, join us now

Just click here:)

See you in school Warriors!
All love and eternal gratitude,


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. chris tidman
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 03:06:17

    Not sure how this fits with the teachings, but as I know it, your ego manages your conscious mind and communicates with language and your soul/life force controls the subconscious. It learns from what you do and communicates with feelings.

    When you are as one you can control things with your feelings. Since your life force is part of an invisible network that links everything to everything else you can change your environment with your thoughts. No progress for people who can not control their feelings.

    I don’t remember learning this from anyone. I probably just made it up to fit what I had learned from others.

    Best Wishes


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