Super Soul Sunday 3 and Maori Pt. 3 ;)

Greetings loveliest friends and angels,

Hope you had a stellar weekend? As some of you may know from my previous post typing is just a wee bit challenging. 😉
But I am getting better each day! I am really excited and gearing up for the School For Warriors Program!

I hope you will please excuse the delay on the Maori continuation, but I didn’t forget. 🙂
Basically to pick up where that story left off…

If you remember from Part II-
“The beauty of the Maori Healing is to clear stuck energy, whether from this life, past ones or generations before you.”

So how does one go about this?

Well there is a very special woman I met on my journey named Shari. Shari is Native American from the east coast of the United States. As far back as she can recall she has been able to connect with her spirit guides and beings from other realms. Her longing for answers of the unseen world and her suffering from deep seated fear put her on a healing path.

Shari’s journey took her where she was led to meet powerful healers and spiritual teachers. The biggest impact on her life was when she finally met her long awaited teacher Papa Joe the well respected Tahunga, Elder from New Zealand. He recognized Shari’s gift and for the next seven years until his passing she was one of his chosen students. His presence was a pivotal moment in her life.

Many people who either end up as healers, or at least seeking them out, seem to be almost pushed. it’s that experience of being “stuck” that often pushes exactly where we need to be.

I got to meet Shari at her home in Topanga Canyon.

Believe it or not, there’s MORE! Stay tuned Angels, because I have another very special gift coming for you soon!

All love and eternal gratitude-

PS You’ve been a little quiet, everything OK? 🙂 Please share, I want to hear from you guys! 🙂


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sshankar
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 13:36:44

    You look like an angel and you add vigor to the word ‘Namaste”. Couldn’t understand much from the vid. but was found to be interesting.
    Thank you


  2. Naomi
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 14:53:21

    I was very intrigued by the pressure points in the feet and how that relates to the body. Although I have heard that before, it spoke to me in a different way now. I think it is because I now have a little understanding of the Chakras.(did I spell that right?)

    I also found it interesting that we carry our ancestors in our calves.

    We need to release blockages. Thank you for this beautiful post and explanation.


  3. Christie Scales
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 20:11:22

    Shari is such an amazing woman and a true healer by every sense of the word. I’m so grateful that she came into my life.

    I’ve had 3 sessions with her so far. My first session I felt an explosion of energy running through my body for days after (kind of a buzzing sensation). The second time the vibration of energy seemed to be more specified to various parts of my body – the grounding and calmness that resulted continue to linger. The last time I went I had a completely different experience – It was more of a spiritual healing that I have trouble putting into words. After that session, the raw loneliness I had been dealing with was replaced by love and security – I was reassured that I was not alone.

    I continue to use many of the techniques I learned from Shari on a daily basis and my grounding continues. I look forward to my next session.

    I haven’t told many people of my experience with Shari, but I have had many friends ask me about my transformation. In turn, these friends have gone to see Shari and have been blown away by their experiences.

    If you ever have the opportunity to meet with her, don’t pass it up 🙂


  4. Karla
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 21:36:08

    I have had a similar experience. 1989. I’ve been searching for answeres ever since. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.


      Nov 22, 2010 @ 23:20:06

      Hi Everyone, thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate it and I love the community-Angel Tribe, interaction! We are stirring up the energy and it’s a good thing!
      Karla, I was wondering what you meant exactly because it’s not clear which “experience” you’re referring to? Do you mean feeling stuck? Please let me know so I can see if I have some ideas for you.
      In the meantime, love and gratitude daily for YOU!


  5. Mary Gates
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 21:50:00

    Thank you for this very interesting video . Enjoyed the information on the pressure point in the foot, also did not know about carrying our ancestors in our calves….wow thank you!!!!


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