David Wolfe; Food Matters

Greetings Angels,
How are you? I hope your week is going well?
A while back we took a poll asking you what YOU were interested to discover here. Topics like meditation, yoga, visualization, energy healing etc…all things we will cover. 🙂 But the two top requests were Higher Consciousness Development and Nutrition Rehab. Both of these terms I will be covering in a new book I am writing to elaborate on. But until it’s done, many things featured here are congruent. With this I’d coined the phrase, “eating consciously, leads to higher consciousness” because I believe enlightenment will not be found through consuming sugar (processed), processed foods, or animals from CAFO’s. Here’s a video I just got from my dear friend David Wolfe. He’s such an expert on these matters and this video really helps to drive my point.
I am so passionate about this subject! I am so happy so many of you are interested in this too. It’s so true that food is our first medicine. What we put into our mouths is the most important connection to our best health; mentally, physically and spiritually!

The Longevity Now Program is one tool I would highly suggest if you do want to find out more!

All love and eternal gratitude-


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