A Christmas Fairytale

Hello Dear Dear Dear Angels,

I wrote the following story 6 years ago. Every year at this time, we are at the climax of our collective unconsciousness. The Holiday season has us all focused on it. So it is a time of great collective power, where we can try to remember who, what and why we are here. The answer is so simple. Love.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful paradise. You could see all the stars and clouds, and they told stories of triumph and truth. The wind whispered melodies of harmony, and the light of the sun filled our hearts with the warmth of love. All we needed was at our feet, and nature guided us to all the goodness that paradise had to offer. The sunset and sunrise, the season’s, shooting stars, rainbows and the butterflies, showed us the cycles of positive and negative.
The path of life was sometimes hard, only to show us the reflection of goodness. All of everything was entwined with everything. A symphony of energy that surrounded every single thing in the universe was like a perfect dance. As the universe did this magical dance, it realized that there was no one there to see all of it’s beautiful perfection. So, one day, as was completely natural in the course of evolution, the universe created it’s ultimate self. Something that contained everything of the universe, but could enjoy it in a physical form. So one by the one the stars took turns incarnating into physical beings. To come and bask in the splendorous wonders of the universe, which they knew they were. It was the time when the perfect beings reflected all the universe within, and had all their divine powers awake. These beings could use telepathy to communicate like dolphins. Use only their soul energy, or their minds eye, and fly like birds and travel all over the universe. All the while, in the human body, they could also experience the ultimate truth together, and that was pure love.
Love was the pure energy that gave them everything they needed. There was no hate, jealousy, greed, or anger, because everyone had everything they needed. In perfect balance, everyone shared and made sure everyone else was happy. It was a beautiful paradise. This was humankind at it’s most highly evolved. We needed nor wanted for anything at all. Except to live a life full of love, light and harmony. We accepted the yin and the yang. We knew there was no such thing as death, because all of this energy never dissipates. It has always been and always shall be.
We knew that nature told us the truth, and we knew the rhythms of life. We didn’t fear death, but celebrated it. We were awake and we knew it was as natural as being born. In fact, it was the same thing.
One day though, a natural disaster happened that threw things out of balance. The natural laws of chaos. A huge meteor struck the earth, and many of the beings were killed. It was fine for them because their souls fell into the grand divine. But some, still left in the paradise, seemed to get afflicted with some sort of amnesia. Maybe it was the imbalance in the atmosphere, or the overwhelming destruction? But, while some remembered, there were those who forgot. Forgot that we were spiritual creatures having a physical experience. They forgot that our souls were really the power within us, and that was what united us with everything. That the body was just a temporary state.
They began to know something they had never known before. Fear. And the fear was a new element, that even the universe had never known before. There was no other creature in the universe that had ever known fear. With this new element that the beings themselves had created, life fell out of balance with the perfection of the universe. Most of the beings had forgotten, or had fallen into a sleep-like state The fear enveloped them and they became the beings we are today.
Still, there were the ones who remembered, and they tried to make the ones with fear, recall what they really were. Many great teachers have come and gone with the message. All these messengers are so important in our history. Why? Because ultimate truth is divine and within everyone of us. It is so big and so powerful and all knowing, for some reason, many of us fear this? But the truth is, it is our divine right. It is natural, it is our nature. Just fear had put many to sleep!!

Every year, we get to the season of Christmas. One of the greatest teachers left us as a present to remind us of our nature. The ones in fear use it to manipulate and control the masses. Many of the great teachers have tried to impress upon us that we are “one”. That we are the reflection of God/The Universe. Within us lay the greatest powers. We can be impressed with the latest technological devices, but these are so simple and don’t even compare to the true nature of our capabilities. These are only futile attempts to control our basic truths. We are capable of much more! All this reality we created, is simply a cage from seeing the ultimate truth. Not remembering, then a shiny new car, or a plasma screen TV would seem impressive. But all modern technology is coming from us. These are our creations and they just keep becoming more and more impressive, to those who think this is reality.
The truth is, if we are beings that can fly, and communicate all around the globe…if these are inventions we created…where do you think they came from? These are our natural abilities forgotten. In trying to remember, we keep creating more and more sophisticated physical ways to replicate what we can already do with our souls. When the fear arrived, it also made us fear ourselves, because of our greatness.
Why do you think so many people have fear of success? Because our greatness is so overwhelmingly beautiful. It seems so powerful, that it can seem frightening!!
More and more, the message is forgotten. We think money or material items are more important then the incredible gift that we are. Humans are made of two things, soul and physical. Fear makes conscious the physical, and hides truth from us. The ones asleep who don’t really know better, decide that physical and material, are the real truth.
The battle of good and evil began. There is no such thing as evil, we made it up. We can also make it go away!!! If we realize, and remember, who we really are.
We are the stars. We are the sun. We are the galaxies. We are perfect beings that reflect the universe in our hearts and souls. If we can remember and wake up from the sleep that put so many of us under this illusion, then we could know again, who we really are.

From my heart here where I sit, around the Earth to your heart, sending love all over the world.
Let’s FLY!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ineya St.James
    Dec 25, 2010 @ 02:58:53

    Really sweet and wonderful! Thank you Angel Frequency!! Blessings love and light,Ineya


  2. Scott Kola
    Dec 25, 2010 @ 03:15:14

    The truth is so beautiful! Send love and purely divine white light to you!


  3. Vincent
    Dec 25, 2010 @ 07:55:43

    That is such a beautiful story, Angelique. A fairy tale? Or simply a reflection on the truth?


  4. aaron
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 11:04:30

    What a great story!…star children indeed!


  5. Chuck
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 15:03:58

    The truth is simply this… beautiful. Forever grateful.


  6. Elsa
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 23:25:43

    Fear false evidence appearing real…..


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