Water Myths – shocking facts about the bottled water industry!

Dearest Angels-

Have you ever wondered whether the bottled water you get at your local health food store is REALLY good for you?

In an exclusive presentation at David Wolfe’s Longevity Now ConferenceTM in Costa Mesa, CA, longevity expert Daniel Vitalis revealed several incredible insights about water that he’s never shared before.

Luckily, they recorded his entire presentation and will be sharing a fantastic segment with you today…

A powerful segment from his presentation is available for a limited time here!

You will discover:

* The best (and worst) water on the planet… and where to find it!

* Why most water (but not all) you buy in stores is not much better than the water that comes out of the tap.

* The only substance we encounter that exists as a solid, liquid, and vapor… and what that means for your health.

* The fascinating reason why you should never use hand sanitizers.

* Why using flouride toothpaste actually makes your teeth weaker – not stronger.

* The best and easiest way to detoxify the body.

* That most bottled “spring water” companies don’t give you spring water, but well water (Fiji water, Voss water, and more)… and what you can do about it!

This excerpt will only be available for the next 12 days, so don’t miss it!

DVD Launch – Free Video #3 Daniel Vitalis

Remember, this video with Daniel Vitalis is only being released for a limited time so make sure to check it out right away.

To your health!

All love and eternal gratitude-

DVD Launch – Free Video #3 Daniel Vitalis

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  1. Cyd
    Dec 30, 2010 @ 10:34:03

    I have invested in a reverse osmosis water purifier for this very reason!


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