New Year’s Gift for You

Dearest Angels and Friends-

How do you define the good life?

How can we live better than ever now?

The New Good Life-

John Robbins, best-selling author of Food Revolution, Diet for A New America, and his most recent release The New Good Life, shares his wisdom, compassion, and clarity during this time of growing fear and uncertainty.

DVD Launch – Free Video #4 John Robbins

In this exclusive excerpt from David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference held at The Longevity Now Conference, John Robbins shares his unique perspective on the true meaning of wealth.

In this free video series John Robbins shares:

– Why he decided to walk away from the legacy of his father and the Baskin Robbins empire to seek a life he found more rewarding.

– How he and his wife Deo lived on $500 a year.

– How he and his family learned to grow their own food by trial and error.

– How he lost his life savings in an investment scam and faced adversity with integrity, grace, and positivity.

– The most effective way to respond when the rug gets pulled out from under you in life.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be inspired, educated, and empowered by one of the most important voices in America today.

DVD Launch – Free Video #4 John Robbins

To your health!

PS Please feel free to post and share this with the angels in your life. Don’t forget to leave any comments or feedback. And have the BEST YEAR EVER!


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