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Super Soul Sunday Post 5 🙂

How are you Angels?

In our first installment of 2011 for Super Soul Sunday I am so excited to give you a two for one! I was at this Longevity Now Conference, but watching these videos again has been so fantastic. I wish I could go to a conference like this weekly! When you watch Kevin’s video, you automatically get access to another free video with Nick Ortner! Nick is an expert in the field of tapping.
I am so excited to be sharing all of this with you. These two have amazing vital information for your best health! Please be sure to share this with the angels in your life. What better free gifts for those you care about?

Do you know what works best for you and your body?

There is so much health information out there, how do you determine what is right for you?

In this exclusive excerpt from David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference event in Costa Mesa, CA, author and host of The Renegade Health Show, Kevin Gianni
reveals his insights into the critical components of a healthy diet.

DVD Launch – Free Video #6 Kevin Gianni

In this free video, Kevin Gianni reveals:

The most effective way to evaluate your health and determine what your body needs.

How to determine the underlying causes of less than excellent health instead of merely addressing the symptoms.

The critical role essential fatty acids play in good hormonal health.

The importance of pregnenolone, the master hormone that promotes health and longevity.

How to find out what your Vitamin D levels really are….you may be shocked at the results!

Don’t miss this incredible video series that will transform your health!

This video with Kevin Gianni is only being released for a limited time so make sure to check it out right away.

To your BEST health!
All love and eternal gratitude-

DVD Launch – Free Video #6 Kevin Gianni


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