Longevity Now Conference Highlights 2011

Greetings Angels,

Hello and happy Sunday! You have been on my mind all weekend while in attendance at one of my favorite events! The Longevity Now Conference with David Wolfe. Wow, I not only got to learn so much that I am very excited to share with you, but I got to meet some amazing people I will be interviewing soon. People like Don Tolman-The Whole Food Medicine Cowboy, Truth Calkins and his magical menu of healing elixirs, Jenny Ross owner of 118 Degrees and author of the Art of raw living Food with Doreen Virtue, The Sun Warrior Team and of course David Wolfe and more! All of these people have incredible insight into anti-aging, longevity, raw food living, optimum wellness and tips for you to implement into your life to empower you. Some of these include disease reversal, improved energy, boosted immunity, weight lose, and more!

I am so passionate to bring you all this incredible information so you can take whatever steps resonate with you for a Mind Body and Soul UPgrade!
Some of you are already doing many of the things here, but maybe there’s some of you new to all this? Kathy Freston just wrote a very wonderful book called Veganist-Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change The World. For those new to the concepts of a plant based diet, this book is a wonderful, easy read nudge to as Kathy puts it, “Lean into this”. After all, it’s still many more people who eat meat, so getting the whole world to switch is a tall order. 🙂 But if you read Kathy’s book you’ll find out how she went from being a Southern Bell eating fried chicken and drinking vanilla shakes, to shifting her attitude to leaning into a “Veganist”.

Of course the tragic disaster in Japan was at the forefront and David did have some advice and tips on what you can do. But the first one I want to share, which is also my belief, is first and foremost, intention with our thoughts. Intentioning, praying, and meditating that healing is occurring. Healing for Japan, healing for the people, the land, the animals, the ocean, and all being affected. It begins within and then we send it out. Keep saying the Masaru Emoto prayer any time your thoughts come to this. And then say to yourself,
“I am a being of light and energy. I am powerful and healthy and my immune system is so perfect I will remain in perfect health. I am in perfect health. I am in perfect health. I am in perfect health. My immune system is powerful!”
I urge you to do this as a mantra as many times as possible throughout your day and night. And definitely upon waking and before you go to sleep. As well, please feel free to share here the positive things you are doing to implement wellness into your life!

Besides intentioning, the best things you can do is eat well, exercise, and take care of yourself! Loads of fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water. I recommend organic fruits and vegetables, and the best water possible! If you can spring water. David Wolfe has a great website where you can go get Spring water!!
Water is the solution to pollution! http://www.findaspring.com

And last but not least, the biggest news coming that will soon be all over is the Grounding or Earthing technology. Earthing is about grounding your body to feel better.

Our bodies are electrical – the heart, brain, muscles, cells and all body systems function electrically. Even our emotions are literally “energy in motion.” Today we live insulated from earth and our bodies become electrically stressed and charged with inflammation and chronic pain, a very unnatural state.

The effect of Earthing is that it discharges electrical stress and restores the body’s natural and stable electrical state.

To experience the profound effects that Earthing has in reducing stress and chronic pain: go outdoors and place your bare feet directly on the earth and ground yourself for thirty minutes. I will be interviewing Clinton Ober author of this ground breaking book Earthing-The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (with Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Martin Zucker) and bring you the opportunity to explore this more for yourself!

Angels, almost ALL the people I mentioned here I will be interviewing. If you are as excited as I am, feel free to start sending me your questions. Let’s make this the best year ever to implement your best wellness, and Mind, Body and Soul UPGrade!!!!

The conference will be available on DVD, and I will let you know as soon as it is! I took a whole notebook of notes!
Stay tuned, there’s so much more!!!

All love and eternal gratitude-


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Troy Casey
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 18:46:00

    thank you angelique!


  2. Yeildez Alontaga ☤ (@yeil4evrandAday)
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 02:51:19

    Awesome page! Great photos! 🙂


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