“In the kitchen” with Jeremiah Shattuck, raw food demo and more!

Angels Angels Angels,

Greetings with LOVE, abundance, and awesome intention. Namaste!
I’ve been asked what Namaste means recently. According to what I learned back in the 80’s when I knew I had spent past lives in India, it means, “I salute the Spirit in you, that is me”. Or as the Wikipedia search I just did says,”The spirit in me respects the spirit in you,”

Whatever meaning you ascribe to it exactly, isn’t so important. What is important, is our intention. Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Masaru Emoto and many others in Noetic science and Quantum Physics, people like Einstein, have been doing extensive research in this field for many years. I feel like I’ve been living it! Many people go to retreats or special schools to learn a spiritual practice. I lived my own personal experiment, a spiritual path outside the proverbial box. My life has been very far from conventional. Telling myself, I was a devoted student of myself, and what the Universe put before me.
I can give you a few examples. Some of this may sound boastful, but I assure you it is not. Much of it was like an intense schooling with many lessons unfolding out of enormous challenges. Challenges I now think of as gifts. Down adversity’s road lies wisdom. I married when I was 18, divorced 19, didn’t go to college, nor had children. Started attending Marianne Williamson’s lectures in 1986, and studying A Course In Miracles. The first place I ever played and sang live was opening for Marianne. I tried every variety of Yoga from Kundalini to Iyengar and I started a Kriya Yoga practice at the Self Realization Fellowship. I lived in Alphabet city with addicts shooting up in the entry, and a crack head in Ibiza. I saw karma everywhere.
I got out of Alphabet City and the crack head who disrespected me, ended up in his car homeless. I didn’t ever wish him ill and I forgave him. He later got out of that mess, and picked himself back up. I heard he got off drugs and I was glad.
I have traveled the world from Haiti to Mexico, lived in LA, NY, London, France, Morocco, India, LA and Spain. I’ve lived off the grid, on a farm and in several Ashrams. I went without plenty, but felt I had much to be grateful for. I consider my treasures far beyond what any bank could hold. I’ve manifested incredible things, including healers to heal me when I didn’t have a dime, plane trips to places I dreamed to go, vacations that looked like they should be in a reality TV show, jobs in foreign lands, and most important, friends and angels to get me through the best of times and the tough ones. Miracles!
I even manifested a brand new King Size bed! I needed a bed for months. I was sleeping on a single “day” bed, with awful metal springs poking me. It landed on our property with no one coming to claim it and no tags on it to show where it was even from. After a week, and inquiring to all the neighbors, the bed was put in my room when a storm came. A sign? The most comfortable bed I’ve ever had! As if it had fallen out of the sky!

I took some time off from The Angel Frequency to reflect. Much has been going on, and it certainly had my head swimming in thought. From the Japan incident, to tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, political unrest! A lot is happening and it’s apparent to me that we are shifting.
It feels like consciousness is having an explosive evolutionary shift. The smaller the world gets via the Internet, the more we can see our connectivity, and everything happening, is affecting each of us. The problem with pollution is no longer just outside of us, there is pollution in our bodies. Could the evolutionary shift be as simple as changing our diet? In movies like Food Inc, there’s hard evidence to suggest and even prove this.
Some remain apathetic and this is hard for me to accept when I know EACH person can BE THE CHANGE.
Some say it is the end of the world. Some attribute it to Climate Change. Others to natural cycles of the Earth. Each thought and intention, everything we believe in our minds, has the possibility to become a reality. Each moment, we choose. You chose. Your thoughts are manifested by you either consciously or unconsciously. This is Higher Consciousness Development work. It isn’t easy to be enlightened, it takes work. Just like you can’t sit around and do nothing and expect your muscles to stay firm. Action, intention, meditation, visualization, affirmations, these are the tools for spiritual fitness.
Marianne Williamson likes to call it, “Christ Consciousness”, religions have their doctrines. Call it what you like, God, Buddha, Allah etc…I believe all are names for the same thing, Energy. It is the Energy that we all are. Energy that is connected to the field of energy that is our Universe or Multiverse. Which means we are all connected. This is the meaning of we are one. All of our parts make up the whole and ultimately as the Flower Of Life shows-

all of our actions effect each other and our world. This whole thing is an “operating system”. We will function at our highest ability when the consciousness is whole. Recognize the spirit in you, and that it is indeed, connected to the spirit in me.

In my absence, I’ve had my own Angel Frequency sabbatical or Vipassana.
Vipassana means to see things as they really are. It was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago and was taught by him as a universal remedy for universal ills.
There are wonderful Vipassana Meditation Retreats around the world, where you spend 10 days in complete silence. This is something we will speak of more later. This practice should probably be implemented once a year, like a car needs a tune up. We don’t spend enough time with ourselves because of the way society is constructed. There is little time for this. But I think many of you feel as I do, things are changing! Rapidly!!! Put the TV down! 🙂
All the things that look crazy, like the oceans being polluted, food and water compromised, Gas, Oil, and Nuclear Power crisis’s, war, animal and human rights violations, are a collective call to action. To LOVE. Replacing fear with love is the only sane action.
The Angel Frequency isn’t a place for me to pontificate though. At least, I try not to. The only intention is to do my small part to help.

So, in keeping it short and sweet 🙂 , let me introduce you to my next guest. Jeremiah Shattuck is a young man who was a victim of a biological weapon. He laid on his death bed for 2 and half years. Then left him in and out of hospitals till last year. He had cancer from depleted uranium which comes from just regular weaponry like missiles and artillery fire! Going back home to Hawaii he changed his diet and started eating enzyme rich foods, whole organic raw foods, and meditated. He started to see results in just a couple of months. His body started detoxing and healing and led him on the road to his passion and commitment to share his knowledge of conscious life force now for 6 years! He works actively in the community to help people eat food that nourishes, heals and detoxes.

Watch the video here

.Remember, Enlightenment isn’t exclusive, it’s your birthright. Like the sun shines for Mother Earth, Enlightenment is your Sun, shining internally eternally.

So, in keeping with this theme, I’ve got a special video for you featuring my dear friend Jeremiah Shattuck. His story is fascinating, and perhaps one that may inspire you to consider as Hippocrates once famously said,”Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine Be Thy Food!”

This weekend Sunday June 5 6-10pm.

I will be there and so will Jeremiah, where you can taste some of his tasty healthy conscious living foods.


PS Your comments and feedback are GREATLY appreciated. Please SHARE The Angel Frequency every where you want to spread LOVE!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 01:12:47

    Mmmmm would love the raw pizza recipe it looks so delicious!! Thank you for sharing the video and your story!


  2. Tracey Goldman
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 01:51:42


    You’re awesome. I love everything you said. It’s all so true. No wonder we were always drawn to each other…like minds! I love that you’re helping to spread the word and raise the level of consciousness. I try to do it with my yoga teachings as well. Let’s try to get together again soon, please. Time passes so quickly in this busy life. Love you. Namaste!


  3. Mali
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 14:46:07

    Thank you for sharing. Namaste *bird sky earth moon


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