Alive and Well with Peter Ragnar; How to find food in the wild!

Greetings Angels,

Welcome back!
I am so excited because my dear friend Peter Ragnar has a new program I had been wishing to find! Peter is an amazing pioneer in the field of almost EVERYTHING- from Qi-Gong Master, Wild and Raw Food expert, Author, Speaker, Longevity expert, Law of Abundance and probably more. 🙂 He lives on 12 acres near The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, along with bears, deer, snakes, and foxes for 20 years!

How fantastic to be able to go out into nature and be able to find FOOD! Wild edible plants!


With all the seeming madness going on out in the world, what a valuable tool to be able to go into NATURE and eat. Peter says,”Once you’ve read just a few pages, you’ll be able to find the most nutritious, vitamin-packed, and mineral-rich tasty foods right in your own backyard.”

“The Most Potent Healing Plants are FREE!”

Knowing what I could eat if I had to, off the land, would be very beneficial and FUN.
And, you can look like a smarty pants to your kids if you’re out camping! 🙂


All love and eternal gratitude,


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