Time for Peace

Time separates us. But since there is no such thing, there is no such thing as separate.

Greetings Angels,

There’s never been a more important time then now. Our consciousness has expanded. Likened to the time when people thought the world was flat. If you believed the world was round, you risked blasphemy. You would be called crazy.
I believe our consciousness is expanding so much, it’s almost crazy not to believe what amazing beings we are, and what we are capable of.

We can intention our way to peace. Some might call us crazy.

It’s our chance to be fearless, take action, and be crazy!

I could make a list of things much crazier.
Like war. Like a polluted ocean. Like greedy corporations.

I believe our consciousness is expanding so much, everyone is beginning to realize something is going on.
We need a super hero! I believe WE are the super hero. Because how terrible it will be if we don’t become the heroes of now? I don’t want to be the generations remembered in history, as ones who didn’t take action.
There is no excuse when it is this simple.
Some people say it can’t be that simple. But unconditional love makes everything simple. Why bother with complicated? Has it served us? No.
I believe we will be the richest people in all the history of the world if we do away with the old ways.
They do not serve us.
I urge you to please join me in the Peace Intention Experiment.


I see a beautiful world.

“I’ve heard it said
there’s a window that opens
from one mind to another
but if there’s no wall,
there’s no need for fitting
the window, or the latch”

We are one. And so it is.
All love and eternal gratitude-

PS Some people have asked “Why should one apologize for 911?”
Please be sure to watch the video, it explains.
PS Also Angels, if you do register, I would love to hear from you. As soon as I did, I felt like I plugged in! Let’s connect!


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