The Barefoot Doctor is back and with a gift for you!

My friend Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor, is holding a live five elements sound healing session today followed by an ‘Eight Principles of Personal Power’ meditation – both designed to help you develop inner strength and personal power.

It’s a completely free to attend webinar – all you need to do is click the link below and you will find full details:

Just click here

Stephen has been studying the Taoist inner martial arts for over 40 years – they are not about fighting, but about learning how to become centered in your body, so you stay calm and relaxed whatever life throws at you.

The five element sound healing will help balance your five vital organs and enhance all their functions on the physical, mental and emotional levels, in turn balancing out all aspects of your life.

Then the eight principles meditation will bring you fully into the power at your core.

According to the Taoist schema, the five elements are earth, water, metal, wood and fire – they each relate to different states of being – prosperity, vitality, clarity, confidence and love:

Prosperity – Earth

Vitality – Water

Clarity – Metal

Confidence – Wood

Love – Fire

Stephen will explain more about the five elements, how they relate to those states of being and the healing sounds associated with them during the webinar.

The Eight Principles of Personal Power are the foundations for more advanced Taoist trainings and these eight principles have been developed and honed by Stephen in over 30 years of teaching them to thousands of people. They are the basis of his ‘School For Warriors 1’ training – where you learn the eight principles in great depth, just as a martial arts warrior would, so that you can stay calm and centered through life’s ups and downs.

This special live eight principles guided meditation is designed to help you:

• Sense your Genuine Inner Power

• Clear In Your Mind of Worry, Doubt, & Fear

• Become fully Centered Your Body

• Make Clear & Better Decisions

• Learn how Opportunity Finds You

You can register here:

I’ll be taking part and I hope you can too.
All love and eternal gratitude-

PS Doc is holding a Q&A during this webinar, so if you have a question you would like to ask about Taoism, the five elements, the eight principles or any aspect of inner strength and personal power, join him today:

Just click here:


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