Leaders Causing Leaders; Marianne Williamson and me! :)

Greetings Angels!

Isn’t this the most amazing time? People around the world gearing up for change. It really seems like we are in transition to Higher Conscious living.
I know all our problems will be solved when All are coming from the heart, honoring the Earth, and each other.

There’s so much bad news out there, I consciously try my best to maintain The Angel Frequency as a sacred space. Your place for everything positive in personal development. From food to frequency. I think it’s important we collectively raise the FREQUENCY! ๐Ÿ™‚

So on that positive note it’s quite a momentous weekend. Marianne Williamson and I (and a multitude of other AMAZING speakers, workshops, lectures, musical guests like Larissa Stow and so much more!) will be partaking in Leaders Causing Leaders.
The event created by Bhakti Fest co-founder Kenneth Schwenker, produced by Maura Malini Hoffman and featuring some of the top new thought, new consciousness leaders. People like Peter Joseph director of the Zeitgeist movies, The Intention Experiment’s Lynne McTaggart, Marianne Williamson, Malika Chopra, Dr. Sarah Larsen, Cafe Gratitude and much much more…

I’ve been asked to sing and DJ and I am very excited. Did you know the first place I ever played live was acoustically, opening for Marianne Williamson? This was in 1986! She was lecturing regularly here in Los Angeles, and I would go all the time.
She was as brilliant then, as she is now!

This weekend I am excited to be taking part in the Leaders Causing Leaders conference in Los Angeles.

Just click here ๐Ÿ™‚

Particularly relevant at this time is the consciousness around this event. It is to inspire All to be leaders. The like minded are gathering this weekend. Come experience the “change”.

All love and eternal gratitude-

PS This just in for you Angels! The first 25 people who email to rsvp@leaderscausingleaders.com with code word The Angel Frequency, can come on donation basis ticket.

Just click here for more info ๐Ÿ™‚


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