8 Natural Flu-Fighting Remedies

Greetings Angels,

Well, it’s here.

Flu season that is. It reared it’s ugly head last week when one of my dear friends returned from Chicago. She told me everyone had this terrible flu and she was sick for over a week with it!

So to help equip you to stay healthy at this time I
want to tell you about an amazing berry that has
been shown in numerous scientific studies to
fight dangerous bacterial infections and flu

It’s none other than…

The elderberry.

The elderberry (black elder is the most
widespread) is common across Europe, western
Asia, and northern Africa. The powerful “black
berry” is the fruit of a deciduous shrub that can
grow up to about 6 meters tall.

The European black elderberries are rich dietary
sources of plant pigments and phenolic compounds
– essentially, powerful phytonutrients which
fight disease.

They contain the flavonols, quercetin-3-glucoside
and quercetin-3-rutinoside, and a number of
anthocyanins: a group of phenolic compounds
responsible for the attractive red, purple, and
violet colours of many fruits, flowers,
vegetables, and also elderberries.

The anthocyanins in elderberries have been shown
in several studies to enhance the antioxidant
status of healthy humans.

Animal and in vitro studies have also shown these
anthocyanins decrease premature cell death and
lower risks of cardiovascular complications
through anti-inflammatory and relaxant effects on
coronary arteries.

Elderberry is powerful when it comes to protecting your body from the cold and

In fact, a brand new 2011 study out of Germany
demonstrated a very POWERFUL dose-response effect
of elderberry liquid extract against dangerous
bacteria and influenza viruses.

To put the results into plain English, the more
elderberry (up to about 15% concentration) the
better the effects against 4 known bacteria and
dangerous flu viruses.

Now, if you think elderberry is powerful, wait
until you see the 7 other immune-boosting,
body-protecting, and flu-fighting natural
remedies my good friend Yuri has got lined up for you in his Flu
Fighters report.

I just got this in the mail tonight. With the season changing upon us, I thought you might find this pertinent.

Discover the TOP 8 Natural Flu-Fighters to Beat the Flu

Tis the season to be well-informed and to take
your health into your own hands.

Plus, as one of my valued readers, Yuri’s giving
you a 34% discount on his “Flu Fighters” report
until this Wednesday October 12th.

Yuri says hurry on over and get yours so that you can
beat the flu – naturally and for good!

Just click here

All love and eternal gratitude-


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