Bottled Water?

A must see for anyone still buying bottled water!


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  1. John Hitchin
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 07:45:53

    Very interesting video that did not mention the word flouride once. In Manchester where i live the tap water has flouride and chlorine in it, so much chlorine you can smell it when it come out of the tap both are poison’s. As most water companies in the UK and USA add flouride to tap water it is easy to see why so many people drink bottled water.

    If we can stop water companies adding poison to tap water more people would be prepared to drink it.

    I know that when i returned from living in Ibiza Spain for 20 years where i alway drank bottled water I started to drink tap water until i learnt what flouride acutually does so started drinking bottled water again and fould my energy levels went through the roof and I lost 10 pounds in weight in a month without changing my diet.


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