The ‘trigger’ that causes the Universe to REACT; or Law of Attraction’s Secret Trigger

Greetings Angels-

It’s nearly here – 2012. If you’re anything like most
people, you promised yourself 2011 would be YOUR year…
and 2010… and 2009… and 2008.

The buck stops here.

If you’re tired of eeking through life, struggling to
achieve your goals, stop trying so hard — there’s a MUCH
easier way to align yourself with your goals quickly.

I call this my secret ‘Universal trigger’ – and it’s
incredibly effective at making your future goals, a
present-day reality.

In other words — it shrinks the time it takes to
actually make them happen.

The only problem is, very few people actually know
about it. Remember the last time that something
just kinda felt like it was meant to happen… sort
of, a happy coincidence? It felt weird, right?

Chances are, you were using it then… by ACCIDENT.

But now you can use it ‘on purpose’ to attract just
about anything that you want into your life… find out
how by clicking below:

find out here

All Love and Eternal Gratitude,
Angelique Bianca
“Love reflects love, be a mirror!” 🙂


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  1. Angelique
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 18:00:09

    Daily Reflections By Peter Ragnar

    “Meditation’s power is many fold. It helps reveal a multitude of subconscious beliefs that are the real motor of the law of attraction.”

    – Peter


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