The Gratitude Dance

Dear Angels,

As we gear up to head out for the Holidays, I feel there’s so much to be grateful for, including YOU. Over 1000 Angels viewed the last 2 posts about the Free Energy and the Clean Drinking Water. It was so good to see this response. They both really resonated with me so much. It was great to see it did you too!
It gives me hope and inspires me to continue. 🙂

Between Zeitgeist, What The Bleep, Down The Rabbit Hole, The Story of Stuff movies, the Thrive movie, the Occupy Movement, and many Youtube videos supporting the Cause, it’s apparent we better fasten our seat belts because we’re in for a bumpy ride.

“The end of the world will look like the beginning of a new one”

It seems like Planet Earth is having it’s very own real life Block Buster movie type event. People all over the world gathering to thwart the oppressors. Peaceful protests, petitions, phone calls, purchases-we have power. We don’t want anymore oil spills, whales, seals or dolphins killed. We want animal and human rights, NATURE RIGHTS, no more rivers or oceans polluted, massive waste reduction, no more people starving or thirsty, no more wars, or GMO’s etc…We want FREEDOM. And We don’t want PIZZA to be a VEGETABLE!
What the FIG?!!
The magnitude of what we are striving for is so magnificent, some will call us crazy. But, it’s worth it. So much of the doom and gloom caused by the old thinking will disappear. Isn’t so much of what is going on here crazy enough? Our system is rigged and full of bugs. The operating system needs a reboot and an UpGrade!
If we had free energy, life would be easier and cheaper. Why shouldn’t we have more free time? Why in the world is everyone in such a hurry, when there is no such thing as time anyway? ;P

If you would like to see more videos like the ones I’ve been posting, please be sure to subscribe to The Angel Frequency Youtube Channel CLICK HERE

I want to give thanks to all of you, especially for your support. Everyday there are new subscribers from all over the world. I feel this next video’s message really captures what I am trying to say.
Not only very well, but very clever too.
A very good example of heart communication.
Let me know what you think?
You are not alone, there are angels everywhere.
From my heart to your heart dearest Angels.
Thank you for a wonderful first year.


PS As many of you know I am vegan/raw but I try not to preach about it. I share information here to help anyone interested, to be informed and make positive choices. May I please ask a small favor? If you can’t refrain from eating meat, could you please support and encourage those around you, not to buy Factory Farmed food? Or Genetically Modified Food? That would be things like CORN! Be sure to buy Organic whenever possible. It’s very serious that they have been putting this into our food without our consent or knowledge since 1996!
Thanksgiving is a power purchase time and they will see with our buying power what choices we will make. It’s especially important now to be as conscious as possible. Not only for the health of the planet, but for your best health too! Thank you.


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