This is what drugs looks like when they are wrapped in pretty packages and legal. This is what brain washing looks like. This is how the medical industry pushes drugs on you, and once you are sick from these drugs give you more.
Imagine having a baby tomato plant that you want to grow strong, but you water it with Gatorade.

Trick or treat!

Think about it and where ever you are in the world Angels, at least stop eating the GMOS!
Together we must stand up and not let them treat us like lab animals.

All love and eternal gratitude-



Halloween Trick or Treat~~~SCARY!!!!!!!

Greetings Angels and Friends,

How are you? Thank you so much to those that participated in the poll on Facebook. I have to say there are some really amazing people here in this group! I feel especially honored and privileged to be connected to so many ANGELS! THANK YOU!

I want to wish you all a blessed weekend. Seeing as it’s Halloween, I thought I would give you a little “trick or treat!” 🙂
The trick? Sugar

Sugar that is bleached and processed is not good for you. It’s coming to light that beet sugar, at least some of it, has been genetically modified and is not even labeled on some of the popular Halloween candy. Perhaps even longer then we are aware of! What a great idea to have a Holiday to manipulate children and get them hooked. Just like drug addicts, on a substance that has NO nutritional benefit. SCARY!
Why would they do this you might ask? Well, it’s the same corporations that look at us like “sheeple”.
Food Inc has some great insight and is a must see movie scarier then ANY Halloween thriller! And Monsanto? One of the main companies responsible for GMOs in your food probably has hundreds of Frankensteins in their laboratories! OK, I can’t know this for sure. ( And, I don’t want them coming after me!) But what should we do? Take action! You have power with your pocket book! It’s not all doom and gloom. Don’t buy the food with GMOs.
And, be sure to vote against the candidates with the multi-national corporations backing them who don’t care about your health! This is Higher Consciousness Development for those of you who asked for it in the poll. This is a part of it.
Look, I’m not trying to put a downer on a Holiday. But many people are looking at the world and seeing it upside down. These are the steps to turn it right side up. How many people eat a ton of candy one night and feel good the next day?
Times are going to change now big time. It happens every so often in the evolution of man.

We have the power to change things. Each one of us, simply by acting consciously.

I believe it’s going to be an amazing time on this planet when everyone feels good, looks good and operates from a place of love. Then EVERYDAY will be a HOLIDAY!

Your body is your temple, treat it as such and it will feed you pearls of wisdom! Here’s my “treat” for you. A little food for thought for your Holiday!

All love and eternal gratitude-

I left The Healers Way and came here to continue the journey where that left off! :)
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Welcome to the journey!


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