Greetings Angels,

Unfortunately you probably know by now, Prop 37 did not pass in California. I believe it’s because of the sensationalism and lies that were perpetuated by Big Agro and Monsanto. Fear that the prices of food would rise, and that farmers selling GMO crops would be at risk.

It is seriously time for anyone who does not know what GMO is, to get informed! This is perhaps one of the most serious and dangerous events going on in the history of the world. Most people do not know that it was introduced into our food supply in 1996, without our consent or knowledge.

What will be next?

If we do not stand up for our rights to know what is in the food we put into our bodies, next they will be telling us what to believe and how to live.

It is not the stuff from a movie! This goes on in other parts of the world, like India, the Middle East and China. They do not believe in Human Rights. So, why do we think we are susceptible?

The GMO crisis, proves my point. We are not!

American’s are living in a bubble, while the rest of the world watches in wonder. How is it that the “Land of the free” is apathetic about all the hard-won freedom we have always fought for? Many lives were lost in the name of freedom, and now we watch as a company in bed with the Government monopolizes our food and invades our bodies with their super seeds!? Not only our bodies, but the very soil our food is grown!

It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie! Did you ever watch Soylent Green!
Except it’s not a movie, it’s very real and something you should really be extremely concerned about.

93% of the entire world’s soy production is GMO as is 93% of Cotton, 86% of Corn, and 90% of Canola as of 2010. Therefore if you are buying anything not labeled organic, particularly those four crops, chances are it’s been genetically modified to be resistant to Round-Up, a deadly pesticide. Common sense would say that most people would want to know what’s GMO, and the good news is you CAN know and you can start voting with your dollar now, labeled or not.

The way to fight this is to learn about it. THen, call and write to your local representatives, sign petitions, inform your friends and neighbors, and not buy products with GMO!

I know many people say they can’t afford to.
But you can’t afford not to! Unless you want to be sick?
And that’s exactly what they want. They want everyone in the hamster wheel system of incurring tons of profit for them, at the expense of your well-being!

Sounds like a conspiracy theory? No! All the information is out there for you to research and find out for yourself. It’s not a secret.

Please join me on my mission to help wipe out GMOs. Please be the change, and let the people of the future be proud of us!

Here’s where you can help and find out more about WHY we need to stop this as soon as possible!
I do believe GMOS have the potential to wipe out human kind. I am not trying to be sensational here, but all the science and research is coming back very ominous.
This is why it is not something to think can be dealt with later. It’s already been going on too long and in fact, it may be too late.
Let’s hope not.


Thanks for your help Angels!

All love and eternal gratitude,




This is what drugs looks like when they are wrapped in pretty packages and legal. This is what brain washing looks like. This is how the medical industry pushes drugs on you, and once you are sick from these drugs give you more.
Imagine having a baby tomato plant that you want to grow strong, but you water it with Gatorade.

Trick or treat!

Think about it and where ever you are in the world Angels, at least stop eating the GMOS!
Together we must stand up and not let them treat us like lab animals.

All love and eternal gratitude-


Get Your FREE Energy Audit- Test Your Energy (free quiz)

Are You Running on Empty?


Greetings Angels,

How many times do I hear people complain of being tired? A lot!

Well, imagine jumping out of bed like a coiled spring and feeling fully charged to start your day.

How about soaring through your days without those dreaded afternoon lulls or having to rely on
caffeine, sugar, or an afternoon nap to feel “recharged”.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Well there’s a new Energy Audit that can help you
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Yuri’s helped over 65,000 people have all-day
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nailed it down to 7 questions that will give you
the insight and answers to feeling fulling

Now you can take his 7-question Energy Audit
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Find out if you’re running empty, what your body
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This will be your best use of 30 seconds in a
long time.

All love and eternal gratitude-

PS. Upon completing the Energy Audit, you’ll
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You’ll be shocked to discover what having LOW
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Discover what your energy says about your health HERE

NUTRITION REHAB-Is your food really food?

Greetings Angels,
I’m in New Mexico for a few days retreat.

It’s such a magical place. I am not far from Santa Fe. I just went outside to meditate for the Venus Transit and found this cross up in the sky!

I think some of you know I am a DJ too? So, as long as I can without any repercussion, I will attach music with the posts for something different. New music I find and like! And if you have some new music you want to turn us on to, let us know!
02 Go Outside

Earlier today for lunch, I went to a great place to eat called Body! Everything is organic and I ran into Gregg Braden! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!
How cool was that? (psst- he said he’d love to do an interview for us!!)

I hope this is finding you flying? 🙂
Speaking of BODY! Summer’s right around the corner and that means we’ll be baring more skin. A lot of people will be thinking about getting into their bikini body. Some people will be thinking they need to go on a diet?
I am not a fan of diets!
I don’t think dieting works!
Maybe for a short time, but inevitably, if we don’t change our life style, those pounds creep back. Fact.
I’ve seen too many people diet and fail, over and over and over. I believe eating, should be sort of like a “spiritual” practice. Something you take quite seriously, daily, and are mindful and respectful of. If you think about it, it is our body connecting with the planet, through our food.
From the earth to our mouth!
You wouldn’t consciously put poison or toxins into you right? But today we are seeing some of the most bizarre distortion of foods. Genetically modified organisms, High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, pesticides, hormones, meat glue, and one of the worst things commonly accepted, artificial sweeteners.

Over eating is a big problem as well. Portions are simply out of control! As well, one of the most common complaints I hear about? The addiction to processed sugar. Most of us are taught to become sugar addicts from childhood sadly. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthdays, every single holiday is celebrated with a sugary treat! I see it over and over again.
Then, the kids get out of control and are given sugar to appease them. And then, the only thing that calms them down? Sugar. It’s an almost vicious cycle.
Look, this is somewhat of a generalization. It’s definitely not true for everyone. We are all the same, and we are all different. Some people can live to be 100 eating junk food, smoking and drinking. And some people can be vegetarian, exercise regularly, not smoke, and drop dead in their 20’s. Of course there’s no consistent rule. But we live in the most affluent country in the world, where we are the sickest country in the world. So, if you think drinking and smoking is the way forward, you are most likely, playing with much slimmer odds.

OK, so the truth is, the brain needs sugar. But it needs healthy sugar and there’s just too much information out there now to see the link between our consumption of sugar, and the rise of diabetes and obesity.

I believe it’s the many foods that are nutritionally incomplete, that lead people to crave more empty calories and hence, eat more and then, gain weight.
If your food isn’t nourishing you, your body is going to ask for more. And the foods that your body gets easily addicted to? Sugar. It’s cheap, it’s in everything, and you know what? At the expense of your health, it’s making a few people very rich.
Food is the energy we put into our machine to operate. Wouldn’t you want to put the most effective fuel into your precious system? Your body is so valuable. It’s the most valuable asset you have! You can either be a highly effective, happy, healthy machine. Or be overweight, tired, and an ineffective operating machine. The choice is simple. Become conscious of what you are putting into your mouth.

Eating consciously, leads to higher consciousness.

Our food system is getting corrupted with GMOs, pesticides, hormones, chemicals, additives, and more, and should be of grave concern to us all.

This is a system, where everything is connected. You know what happens in a circuitry board if one of the wires disconnects? You have a malfunction.

Mother Earth is the most amazing operating system in the galaxy. While all the other stars in our galaxy seem to be uninhabitable, extreme and violent in condition, in the midst of the Milky Way which is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter and about 1,000 light years in thickness, is a small miracle supporting an extraordinary amount of life. We have the honor and privilege to visit here temporarily. I believe it’s our job on this journey to be respectful of our surroundings, of each other and ourselves.
This would be how to honor the miracle of life, by not polluting the planet or our bodies.

Here on The Angel Frequency, I’ve spoken about Nutrition Rehab, but perhaps I haven’t defined it perfectly? I see a lot of food addicts, and a lot of people in denial about their relationship with food.
I want to help rehabilitate and upgrade the way we eat. It’s not about dieting, it’s about a life style choice and honoring what we put into our mouth. We’ve seen so much recent scientific data about how our thoughts and intentions create reality. You have to decide, do I want longevity? Do I want to feel, create and reduce my risk of illness? Or do I want junk food? Some people think eating healthy is more expensive? But isn’t paying for the doctor more expensive in the long run? Is paying for life with your health worth it?
So here’s some food for thought I will leave you with.

Is this something you’re interested in?
Nutrition Rehab-Your prescription to upgrading, honoring your most amazing self, and empowerment!

You are the most amazing creature on this Earth. You have the ability to enjoy all the many wonderful gifts of the Earth and the ability, to help UPGrade!

Thank you for being here with me on this journey.
There’s so much more to come.

I am love+you are love=WE ARE LOVE

All love and eternal gratitude-

Simple Steps to Flattening Your Stomach :)


2012 is the year we are going to be the best we can be! Why?
Well, why not?

Let’s be honest…

99% of the people on this planet want a flatter

Wouldn’t you agree?

I thought so. How about you…do you want a
flatter stomach? Do you want to lose a few inches
around your waist?

Well I’m about to show you 2 simple (yet
critical) steps to achieving this goal.

STEP #1 – Cleanse your colon

We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and
unhealthy chemicals on a daily basis. We take
them in from the food we eat, the water we drink,
the air we breathe, and the prescription
medications we take.

These toxins and dangerous chemicals, along with
the “typical” American diet lead to poor
digestion, constipation, weight gain, low energy,
headaches, and many other horrible human
maladies, including…

The dreaded muffin top or tire around the waist!!!

Believe it or not, when your colon is clogged you
are unable to evacuate any waste. Think of it
like continuously piling up garbage bags in your
house without the ability to take them outside or
get rid of them!

As “toxic” waste builds up in your intestines,
nasty micro-organisms like parasites and yeasts
can begin to thrive.

These tiny creatures are alive, spew their toxins
back into your body, and all too often they
severely damage every cell in our bodies. In
fact, according to the magazine, “National

Parasites have killed more humans than all the
wars in history!

Imagine that!

But what do parasites and colon waste have to do
with a bulging tummy?

Well, here are few things to consider.

FIRST, when your digestive system and colon
health are compromised, you are more likely to
get bloated and constipated. Both lead to a
“bulging” of the abdomen.

SECOND, when your colon becomes a breeding ground
for toxins and micro-organisms, these critters
can then attach to your intestinal walls, causing
inflammation, and eventually a widening of the
intestinal pores.

This leads to a condition known as “leaky gut
syndrome”. When this happens undigested food
particles can more easily slip into the
bloodstream (not a good thing), causing your
immune system to mount a “defense-like” response.

And this is how many food allergies develop.

Overall, a clogged, unhealthy colon creates a
more toxic and acidic body and this leads us to
our 2nd step to flattening your stomach…

STEP #2 – Reduce the toxic load in your body

Toxins (from food or immovable colonic waste)
circulate in your blood and eventually your body
– as a defense mechanism – stores these toxins in
your fat cells.

What most people don’t realize is that if you try
to lose weight or that flabby stomach without
purifying your body of its toxic overload, your
efforts will fall short.


Because when you are toxic, your body MUST
preserve it’s fat tissue in order to store excess

Only when you begin to detoxify your body, thus
reducing your toxic load, can your body begin to
release unwanted fat from your body and your

These 2 steps to flattening your stomach are
obviously intricately related. One leads to the
other and unless you deal with both, getting that
flat stomach will always be a pipe dream – not a

Thankfully, there’s a safe, healthy, and very
effective solution to accomplishing these
cleansing objectives.

It’s called the Total Wellness Cleanse and if
you’re still on the fence about how to get your
new year started right, then it’s time to get off
and take note of this program!

Plus, when you get started with this natural
cleansing program before Wednesday
January 4th, 2012 you will also SAVE $100 off the
regular price.


The Total Wellness Cleanse has helped over 17,000
people around the world free their bodies of
excess waste material, accumulated toxins,
parasites, and more!

In doing so, the cleanse – developed by my good friend
and holistic nutritionist Yuri Elkaim – has
helped thousands of people shed years of stubborn
belly fat as well as improving:

– constipation – fatigue – bloated belly and
smelly gas – irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) –
yeast infections …and almost every other
health complaint you can think of!

If you want a flat stomach (for life), then it
starts by improving the health of your “insides”.

Thankfully, Yuri’s food-based cleanse not only
keeps your colon clean, it also keeps all waste
matter moving freely, efficiently and rapidly out
of your body.

And the best part is that there are no pills or
dangerous supplements to take. You don’t have to
be near a bathroom all the time. And you don’t
have to give yourself enemas or go for colonic
irrigation either.

Yuri’s system is not only very gentle, it is
highly effective and something you can follow
(fairly easily) for a long time, since it is a
food-based approach to purifying your body!


Get started today and SAVE $100 before this special offer ends .

Are you ready for a flatter stomach and to start
feeling better than ever before?


P.S. Cleansing your colon (and your entire body
for that matter) acts like a reset switch,
restoring balance and proper function to your
digestive system. With a clean healthy colon,
bloating due to gas from delayed digestion goes
away. Your stomach feels firmer and noticeably

You will also find that you have more energy.
That’s because your body will more efficiently
convert the food you eat into usable energy.
Which means you can eat less to satisfy the
calorie count you need each day. Ultimately, this
leads to pretty easy weight loss!

Sounds pretty good to me – how about you?

Get the Total Wellness Cleanse and SAVE $100
Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be the best you ever!


“Dancing is the bodies natural inclination to clear chakras and “stuck” energies.”

Hi Angels,
How’s your weekend? It’s raining here in “sunny” California but it feels completely warm in my heart. It’s been an amazing week here on “the frequency”. It’s been so exciting to see The Angel Frequency reaching all over the world!!!
There’s angels from Mexico, England, South Africa, Australia, Slovenia, Poland, Canada, and many across the USA! Can you imagine how thrilled I am to connect with all of you? I am so touched that you would do me the great honor to come “FLY” with us here.
And speaking of FLYING! I don’t know how many of you are connected to me via Facebook but if you are, you may notice I’ve been talking a lot about “dancing”. As someone who’s been DJing for 2 decades plus some, I always felt it such a privilege to have a job where I got to play music all night and make people HAPPY. Most of the time all I would see is a sea of smiles!
But in recent years I noticed it was more then that. I began to really think about how so many people love to gather and dance. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. Well, of course it is. People from the beginning of time gathered to dance. I believe it’s also where we connect with our souls. Besides being a good workout, there’s another very important component. Dancing clears our chakras!

“Dancing is the bodies natural inclination to clear chakras and “stuck” energies.”

Singing too!

Even if you aren’t a “public” dancer, don’t be shy! Turn up your favorite tune in your living room, and give it a try!
You are an angel, and you are meant to fly, dance and sing. A lot of what is going on in our world is geared towards making us forget. Like bad food, high stress, life challenges. But singing and dancing are free, and make you feel good.
I love this quote by Marianne Williamson-
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Dance, sing and fly angels, FLY!

Enjoy this amazing video, and remember to SHINE! Watching others shine and feeling gratitude for them is like a teaspoon of happiness. Your body is your temple, treat it as such and it will feed you pearls of wisdom.
All love and eternal gratitude-
PS Please don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! It’s always such a pleasure to hear from you! 🙂 Thanks!

David Wolfe; Food Matters

Greetings Angels,
How are you? I hope your week is going well?
A while back we took a poll asking you what YOU were interested to discover here. Topics like meditation, yoga, visualization, energy healing etc…all things we will cover. 🙂 But the two top requests were Higher Consciousness Development and Nutrition Rehab. Both of these terms I will be covering in a new book I am writing to elaborate on. But until it’s done, many things featured here are congruent. With this I’d coined the phrase, “eating consciously, leads to higher consciousness” because I believe enlightenment will not be found through consuming sugar (processed), processed foods, or animals from CAFO’s. Here’s a video I just got from my dear friend David Wolfe. He’s such an expert on these matters and this video really helps to drive my point.
I am so passionate about this subject! I am so happy so many of you are interested in this too. It’s so true that food is our first medicine. What we put into our mouths is the most important connection to our best health; mentally, physically and spiritually!

The Longevity Now Program is one tool I would highly suggest if you do want to find out more!

All love and eternal gratitude-

Barefoot Doctor’s “Higher Self” Chi Exercise

Greetings Angels, 

How are you? Thanks so much for all the wonderful feedback. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from you.
In the meantime, here’s another fantastic FREE gift from our favorite Barefoot Doctor!
The Barefoot Doctor Reveals an Ancient Taoist Secret in a simple 
three minute exercise. 
How You Can Super Charge Your Chi, Fuel-Inject Your Vital Energy, 
& Levitate Your Life Force TO Banish Feelings of Fear, Dread, 
Weakness, Confusion, or Sickness…AND Manifest the Life Your 
“Higher Self” Desires. 

So check it out here! 🙂

The truth is a lot of people are using these exercises for a 
bunch of reasons… vitality, prosperity, health, relationships, 
peace of mind, even enlightenment.

If you want to get a real training video that shows you how you 
can do it in your life, then

Just click here… 🙂

I thought this would be a great gift for Super Soul Sunday and great way to start off your week.
I’d love to hear from you!

All love and eternal gratitude,

PS The Doc just released this video training yesterday and he 
already has heaps of comments on how powerful his short 
three-minute exercise really is.

So please be sure to get your free gift here! 🙂

Free gift For You! GMO Brochure from Dr. Mercola

Hi Angels,
How are you? I trust very well!
I hope you will please excuse me if you just got a strange email from me. I am playing around with the tools on my website, trying to figure them out! Please forgive my learning curve. What I was trying to do actually was give you a FREE gift!
I got permission from Dr.  Mercola to share this great PDF with you. It’s a great tool to help you avoid GMO’s! If you read my post about this, or are already familiar with the scariness BIG corporations like Monsanto are trying and succeeded in integrating into our food, then this may help you make some wise food purchasing decisions.
One of the ways we fight back is with our purchasing power. Did you know they have no idea what the long term affects are of these GMO’s on OUR HEALTH. So, part of healing, is taking preventative action.
I hope this will help you in your MIND BODY and SOUL UPGRADE efforts! 🙂

All love and eternal gratitude-


THIS JUST IN-LA Company Announces Voluntary Recall Of Ginger Candy « CBS Los Angeles- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of LA

LA Company Announces Voluntary Recall Of Ginger Candy « CBS Los Angeles- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of LA.

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