This is what drugs looks like when they are wrapped in pretty packages and legal. This is what brain washing looks like. This is how the medical industry pushes drugs on you, and once you are sick from these drugs give you more.
Imagine having a baby tomato plant that you want to grow strong, but you water it with Gatorade.

Trick or treat!

Think about it and where ever you are in the world Angels, at least stop eating the GMOS!
Together we must stand up and not let them treat us like lab animals.

All love and eternal gratitude-



“89 percent of the ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety!” -Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Dear Beautiful Angels-
My good friend Tera Warner with Nadine Artemis are presenting a 30 day all natural beauty make over. You body is the biggest organ! You owe it to yourself to know what you put on topically, can make you sick!

Starting on March 26th, Tera Warner and
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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Free yourself from foundation forever!

How many chemicals have you put on your
face today?

For beauty that is way, way more than skin
deep, check this out!

What if “cover up” and foundation are the
things creating the need to cover up in the
first place?

What do your car engine and your face cream have
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Let flower petal power feed your cells, nourish your skin
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Lose the petrochemicals and turn to flower
petal power with the 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover!
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Please angels check this out- because as beautiful as you are on the inside, I don’t want you to put things on your outside that aren’t good for you!

Health is wealth!
All love and eternal gratitude-

Alive and Well with Peter Ragnar; How to find food in the wild!

Greetings Angels,

Welcome back!
I am so excited because my dear friend Peter Ragnar has a new program I had been wishing to find! Peter is an amazing pioneer in the field of almost EVERYTHING- from Qi-Gong Master, Wild and Raw Food expert, Author, Speaker, Longevity expert, Law of Abundance and probably more. 🙂 He lives on 12 acres near The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, along with bears, deer, snakes, and foxes for 20 years!

How fantastic to be able to go out into nature and be able to find FOOD! Wild edible plants!


With all the seeming madness going on out in the world, what a valuable tool to be able to go into NATURE and eat. Peter says,”Once you’ve read just a few pages, you’ll be able to find the most nutritious, vitamin-packed, and mineral-rich tasty foods right in your own backyard.”

“The Most Potent Healing Plants are FREE!”

Knowing what I could eat if I had to, off the land, would be very beneficial and FUN.
And, you can look like a smarty pants to your kids if you’re out camping! 🙂


All love and eternal gratitude,

I left The Healers Way and came here to continue the journey where that left off! :)
Information, research, interviews, webinars, teleseminars, and adventures with some of the worlds top healers, experts in health, nutrition rehab, wellness, higher consciousness development, holism, quantum physics, and energy healing!
Welcome to the journey!