Maori Healers- Part 1

Greetings Angels and Friends,

Last week I met Maori Healers from New Zealand. (Ma is pure, white, clean. Ori is to vibrate.)
The energy healing they do has been passed down from generation to generation from the beginning of human history, according to their lore.
As with some healing modalities, a great teacher can be affiliated with it. In this case, one of the most legendary contemporary Maori Healers was Hohepa Delamere, otherwise known as Papa Joe.

Papa Joe was a spiritual teacher, a healer and such a dynamic personality that everyone who came into contact with him, loved him. Besides for the work, which finds similarities to Chinese Medicine, meridians and acupressure, Papa Joe was concerned heavily with our connection to the Earth and to other dimensions.

Mirimiri: the healing process that works on all 4 dimensions. It connects the Tohunga (meaning includes expert priests, healers, teachers etc) to the 12th heaven (realm) where in Maori mythology, Taane climbed his way up to this 12th plane to uplift the 3 kete (baskets) of sacred knowledge.
Koo Miri:  is the process of koorerorero (talking) is used to find the ‘core’ emotional bindings that dis-able, dis-empower and keep dis-cord rife. These are mainly emotional experiences behind physical, psychological or mental ailments. Through the use of the Whatumanawa, (the third eye) one is able to identify issues and bring about change as well as healing.
Taa Miri: is to read and listen to the body. This is mainly where we see the trauma trapped within the body. 
For example:
    Calves – primary relationships and heavy metals trapped in body and they sink
    Hip bones – imbalance of energy, male / female energy askew
    Upper arms – pain in this area lack of self nurturing

Romiromi: Use of elbows, hands, knees, feet, raakau (stick / wood), kohatu /toka (stones), moana (seawater), to do a very deep tissue body work.
All of the above in turn bring about TE REO – the voices of nature.

When Papa Joe began traveling the world, besides doing the healing work, he was on more of a mission. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Papa Joe because he transitioned September 21, 2006. But today, there are Maori’s who still travel the world carrying on the traditions of the Maori Healing. They come at least yearly to the USA and other parts of the world where they are called. They have been coming to Topanga Canyon with Papa Joe for many years. Manu , Atarangi , and Anu worked and traveled with Papa Joe.

I also got to speak to Anu who also travels and works with Manu and Atarangi. He gave me a lot of insight into the Maori’s, and the pride of their traditions. But, I couldn’t photograph him because of his tribal face markings which were very beautiful. He said he would have to get permission from the Elders, and they were back home. Maybe next time?

Stay tuned for Part 2!

All love and eternal gratitude,


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  1. Marlene
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 05:46:41

    Good Morning! Like this. As a little kid I often went to the library to read books about Maori. Somehow that region of the workd is so familiar to me. Maybe you can talk about the Hawai’ian hunas as well one day? My favoured is Serge Kahili King. Love. Marlene


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