Watch This Movie About GMOs for FREE- till tomorrow ONLY!

Greetings Angels,

Hi again!

I quickly wanted to share this link for a documentary about GMOs called Genetic Roulette.

It is only free to view until tomorrow.

Do you know, many people still don’t even know what that is? GMOs are genetically modified organisms.

And since 1996, in the USA, genetically modified organisms were introduced into our food chain without our consent or knowledge.

Now, the science is starting to prove, this was not a good idea at all.

GMOs are banned in many countries.

In fact, it’s such a bad idea that I can’t believe the only recourse happening now, is that we are voting whether to label those foods in California. But the rest of the USA is filled with farms with Monsanto GMO seeds, and it’s a disaster unfolding.

I believe all across America we should be calling for an all out BAN on GMOS!

I believe the introduction of GMOs into our food is a crime against humanity.

Watch this movie and let me know if you agree?


All love Angels,




Greetings Angels,

I just watched this TED Talk and immediately thought of you. I always call this fondly, The Angel Tribe, and if you see this video it is amusing yet poignant.
It’s an amazing time right now, yes NOW! I love that you are here and enjoying the posts. I know I’ve been slacking a bit, but it’s only because I am working so hard in the studio on a new album and a few other projects that are in alignment with The Angel Frequency.

I just took Lisa Williams advanced psychic course and it really blew me away. Lisa had encouraged me years ago to help develop my abilities. But when I was living in Spain, and she moved to LA, it wasn’t the time. Now, 8 years later, she gifted me the class. Lisa is one of the most generous souls on the planet. I feel so very blessed to call her a friend. And she has many! I don’t know how she has time for herself with how much help and service she does? Let alone the countless friends vying for her attention! I can relate though, because time for ourselves does seem to be a very precious commodity.

Do you find enough time for yourself? Time to meditate? Time to just sit and take in a sunset?

So, I don’t think being “psychic” is an exclusive ability. I do believe everyone has the ability, but some are more prone to it. Like being an athlete.

Most anyone could be athletic, but to be an athlete they must dedicate time and practice. I believe the “psychic” muscle is similar.
Do you?

So, while I’ve been honing this part of my brain, doing all the exercises that “stretch” and help to strengthen this muscle. I’ve also been writing, recording and practicing the other important muscles I work with. My voice and my hands, for playing music.
I am trying to find balance to somehow not let anything slip, though sometimes it is The Angel Frequency that takes a back seat and I hope you please understand?
I apologize, because it is very important to me. And as our “tribe” grows, I believe I will be able to eventually incorporate everything to work synergistically together! I hope!

Are you in?


Would you like a reading? I will be creating a new page here so keep an eye out for it soon! (Where you can sign up for an appointment.)



Hungry For Change?

Greetings Angels,
How are you? I do hope you’re enjoying the weekend 🙂
It’s going to be raining here tomorrow, so I wanted to share this free link to the new documentary from the creators of Food Matters.

Great food for thought they are letting people watch free until March 31st!
Hungry for change?

A lot of you probably already know a lot about this. But this is a great link to share with your friends and family who are still in the dark about what’s really going on with FOOD!
It’s the world on-line premiere!
Please share with the angels in your life, as it’s only up till March 31!
To your best health!
Hungry for change?

All love and eternal gratitude,

Dolphin Dance Meditation-A GIFT for YOU!

Greetings Angels,

Just a little something I put together especially for YOU!
A present to say thank you so much for being here with me. As well, a special thanks to all of you that “liked” my music page on Facebook for that contest I was trying to win.
Just to give you an update, well, I didn’t win the contest. But it’s OK! I feel like I won!
First and foremost, because of YOU!
Then, for some of you that don’t know, I found my brothers after 30 plus years! (A long story that will have to be a movie one day- and guess what, if you’re here? Then you’re a part of it!!!!) 🙂
I’m in the studio recording with my new band! I am putting my DJ hat on again after a long hiatus and working hard to make The Angel Frequency even better!
I think 2012 is going to be a brilliant year, even if the world ends! 🙂

Please be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel-


There’s a lot of videos there for everything from Higher Consciousness Development to breakthroughs in alternative healing and healthy living to Nutrition Rehab to Healing Music!
Stay tuned, there’s much more to come!
All love and eternal gratitude-

You are divine

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Master Chinese Herbalist-Ron Teegaurden

Dear Angels,

Hope you enjoyed the first video?

In this FREE powerful video series you will discover the following:

How tonic herbs and superherbs dramatically change your phenotype and how your genes express themselves through diet and lifestyle.

Build your willpower and activate your potential for unlimited health and longevity.

The importance of adaptability and how tonic herbs can help improve your ability to deal with the stresses of daily life.

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Why your body and mind function better when all of your biorhythms are synchronized.

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Ron Teegaurden explores in Part Two of his video:

The effects of chemicals, toxins, pollutants, and microbes are cumulative and have been shown to cause disease, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. Ron Teeguarden reveals the ancient wisdom of Chinese Tonic Herbalism that promotes optimal health and longevity.

Discover the #1 method to improve your digestion, increase your energy, and keep you at a healthy balanced weight (it is SO simple and FREE!)

Why your body and mind function better when all of your biorhythms are synchronized.


To your best health!

All love and eternal gratitude,

PS Anyone catch the eclipse this morning? It was pretty cool!

The Gratitude Dance

Dear Angels,

As we gear up to head out for the Holidays, I feel there’s so much to be grateful for, including YOU. Over 1000 Angels viewed the last 2 posts about the Free Energy and the Clean Drinking Water. It was so good to see this response. They both really resonated with me so much. It was great to see it did you too!
It gives me hope and inspires me to continue. 🙂

Between Zeitgeist, What The Bleep, Down The Rabbit Hole, The Story of Stuff movies, the Thrive movie, the Occupy Movement, and many Youtube videos supporting the Cause, it’s apparent we better fasten our seat belts because we’re in for a bumpy ride.

“The end of the world will look like the beginning of a new one”

It seems like Planet Earth is having it’s very own real life Block Buster movie type event. People all over the world gathering to thwart the oppressors. Peaceful protests, petitions, phone calls, purchases-we have power. We don’t want anymore oil spills, whales, seals or dolphins killed. We want animal and human rights, NATURE RIGHTS, no more rivers or oceans polluted, massive waste reduction, no more people starving or thirsty, no more wars, or GMO’s etc…We want FREEDOM. And We don’t want PIZZA to be a VEGETABLE!
What the FIG?!!
The magnitude of what we are striving for is so magnificent, some will call us crazy. But, it’s worth it. So much of the doom and gloom caused by the old thinking will disappear. Isn’t so much of what is going on here crazy enough? Our system is rigged and full of bugs. The operating system needs a reboot and an UpGrade!
If we had free energy, life would be easier and cheaper. Why shouldn’t we have more free time? Why in the world is everyone in such a hurry, when there is no such thing as time anyway? ;P

If you would like to see more videos like the ones I’ve been posting, please be sure to subscribe to The Angel Frequency Youtube Channel CLICK HERE

I want to give thanks to all of you, especially for your support. Everyday there are new subscribers from all over the world. I feel this next video’s message really captures what I am trying to say.
Not only very well, but very clever too.
A very good example of heart communication.
Let me know what you think?
You are not alone, there are angels everywhere.
From my heart to your heart dearest Angels.
Thank you for a wonderful first year.


PS As many of you know I am vegan/raw but I try not to preach about it. I share information here to help anyone interested, to be informed and make positive choices. May I please ask a small favor? If you can’t refrain from eating meat, could you please support and encourage those around you, not to buy Factory Farmed food? Or Genetically Modified Food? That would be things like CORN! Be sure to buy Organic whenever possible. It’s very serious that they have been putting this into our food without our consent or knowledge since 1996!
Thanksgiving is a power purchase time and they will see with our buying power what choices we will make. It’s especially important now to be as conscious as possible. Not only for the health of the planet, but for your best health too! Thank you.

Clean Drinking Water For The World!

Greetings Angels,

What a wonderful rainy Sunday! It was with happy surprise that I saw the Free Energy post is one of the highest EVER viewed here. Good to know you guys feel the same way I do. It’s time for a BIG change.
Everywhere we can hear on the news or see in the papers, many things that try to make one believe they should be in fear. I say screw that!
But we need each other Angels. We need to keep spreading our collective energy out to the world. Make videos like the Free Energy and this next one, go viral. Because not only is there hope, but we have the ability to turn all this doom and gloom around!
Everyone knows about the Occupy Movement. It’s sadly true, that there are multi-national corporations, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Industrial War Complex, that don’t have our best interests. But, just on the Angel Frequency alone, there are more of us then them! Our tribe is growing daily! We just need to keep focused on the positive, and at some point, everyone everywhere all across the globe is going to have to demand that our addiction to Oil be severely limited if not eliminated. Free energy will be our salvation to a greener, cleaner, happier world.

I see a world where everyone has everything they need.

All love and eternal gratitude-

The Future of Free Energy is Here Now


Let me know what you think?

All love and eternal gratitude-

Bottled Water?

A must see for anyone still buying bottled water!

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