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7 Steps for a Safe and Cancer-Free Home

7 Steps for a Safe and Cancer-Free Home.


Greetings Angels,

Unfortunately you probably know by now, Prop 37 did not pass in California. I believe it’s because of the sensationalism and lies that were perpetuated by Big Agro and Monsanto. Fear that the prices of food would rise, and that farmers selling GMO crops would be at risk.

It is seriously time for anyone who does not know what GMO is, to get informed! This is perhaps one of the most serious and dangerous events going on in the history of the world. Most people do not know that it was introduced into our food supply in 1996, without our consent or knowledge.

What will be next?

If we do not stand up for our rights to know what is in the food we put into our bodies, next they will be telling us what to believe and how to live.

It is not the stuff from a movie! This goes on in other parts of the world, like India, the Middle East and China. They do not believe in Human Rights. So, why do we think we are susceptible?

The GMO crisis, proves my point. We are not!

American’s are living in a bubble, while the rest of the world watches in wonder. How is it that the “Land of the free” is apathetic about all the hard-won freedom we have always fought for? Many lives were lost in the name of freedom, and now we watch as a company in bed with the Government monopolizes our food and invades our bodies with their super seeds!? Not only our bodies, but the very soil our food is grown!

It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie! Did you ever watch Soylent Green!
Except it’s not a movie, it’s very real and something you should really be extremely concerned about.

93% of the entire world’s soy production is GMO as is 93% of Cotton, 86% of Corn, and 90% of Canola as of 2010. Therefore if you are buying anything not labeled organic, particularly those four crops, chances are it’s been genetically modified to be resistant to Round-Up, a deadly pesticide. Common sense would say that most people would want to know what’s GMO, and the good news is you CAN know and you can start voting with your dollar now, labeled or not.

The way to fight this is to learn about it. THen, call and write to your local representatives, sign petitions, inform your friends and neighbors, and not buy products with GMO!

I know many people say they can’t afford to.
But you can’t afford not to! Unless you want to be sick?
And that’s exactly what they want. They want everyone in the hamster wheel system of incurring tons of profit for them, at the expense of your well-being!

Sounds like a conspiracy theory? No! All the information is out there for you to research and find out for yourself. It’s not a secret.

Please join me on my mission to help wipe out GMOs. Please be the change, and let the people of the future be proud of us!

Here’s where you can help and find out more about WHY we need to stop this as soon as possible!
I do believe GMOS have the potential to wipe out human kind. I am not trying to be sensational here, but all the science and research is coming back very ominous.
This is why it is not something to think can be dealt with later. It’s already been going on too long and in fact, it may be too late.
Let’s hope not.


Thanks for your help Angels!

All love and eternal gratitude,



This is what drugs looks like when they are wrapped in pretty packages and legal. This is what brain washing looks like. This is how the medical industry pushes drugs on you, and once you are sick from these drugs give you more.
Imagine having a baby tomato plant that you want to grow strong, but you water it with Gatorade.

Trick or treat!

Think about it and where ever you are in the world Angels, at least stop eating the GMOS!
Together we must stand up and not let them treat us like lab animals.

All love and eternal gratitude-


Watch This Movie About GMOs for FREE- till tomorrow ONLY!

Greetings Angels,

Hi again!

I quickly wanted to share this link for a documentary about GMOs called Genetic Roulette.

It is only free to view until tomorrow.

Do you know, many people still don’t even know what that is? GMOs are genetically modified organisms.

And since 1996, in the USA, genetically modified organisms were introduced into our food chain without our consent or knowledge.

Now, the science is starting to prove, this was not a good idea at all.

GMOs are banned in many countries.

In fact, it’s such a bad idea that I can’t believe the only recourse happening now, is that we are voting whether to label those foods in California. But the rest of the USA is filled with farms with Monsanto GMO seeds, and it’s a disaster unfolding.

I believe all across America we should be calling for an all out BAN on GMOS!

I believe the introduction of GMOs into our food is a crime against humanity.

Watch this movie and let me know if you agree?


All love Angels,


Having Trouble Waking Up? (links fixed-sorry bout that!)

Hi Angels,

Are you a “snoozer”?
By that I mean…
Do you ever pry your eyes open at the crack of dawn, look
at the time, and hit the snooze button…
several times over?

If so, you probably don’t consider yourself a
morning person. You apparently don’t feel like
the Energizer Bunny first thing when you get out
of bed.
But is that normal? Are some individuals just NOT
made for mornings?

The truth is that it’s NOT normal. Everyone can
be a morning person. More importantly, you can have
way more energy – all day long – than you currently experience.
We all have the same physiology.

Sadly, due to numerous lifestyle factors, we’ve done a
number on our bodies, making us feel like zombies
in the morning and throughout most of the day.
For instance, having LOW energy first thing in
the morning – finding it tough to get out of bed
– is a sign that your body is spending far too
much energy on internal healing and repair, which
sacrifices the energy available to you for

That’s why when you’re tired the last thing you
feel like doing is moving around or exercising.
Low morning energy can also indicate that your
thyroid and/or adrenal glands are worn out.

But there’s good news that will help you!

Our good friend and nutritionist Yuri Elkaim has
compiled years of research and real-life work
with over 65,000 clients into a quick 7-question
Energy Audit that you can take online right now.

Get your FREE Energy Audit here

This 30-second audit will let you know exactly
why you don’t have the energy you want and the
personalized email follow-up you’ll receive will
show you how to start reversing the damage…
…so that you can start feeling energized from the
time you wake up until you close your eyes at
I know you’ll find it extremely helpful…
Test and “Fix” your Energy HERE

Please let me know what you guys think?

All love and eternal gratitude

Get Your FREE Energy Audit- Test Your Energy (free quiz)

Are You Running on Empty?


Greetings Angels,

How many times do I hear people complain of being tired? A lot!

Well, imagine jumping out of bed like a coiled spring and feeling fully charged to start your day.

How about soaring through your days without those dreaded afternoon lulls or having to rely on
caffeine, sugar, or an afternoon nap to feel “recharged”.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Well there’s a new Energy Audit that can help you
do so. It’s a FREE online tool put together by my friend and
nutritionist extraordinaire, Yuri Elkaim.

Yuri’s helped over 65,000 people have all-day
energy (without nasty stimulants) and he’s
nailed it down to 7 questions that will give you
the insight and answers to feeling fulling

Now you can take his 7-question Energy Audit
(it’s FREE) and find out what’s been holding you
back from feeling fully alive and the exact steps
you can take to come back to life.

Click here to take the Energy Audit

Find out if you’re running empty, what your body
is trying to tell you, and how to start reversing
the damage in just a few short days.
This will be your best use of 30 seconds in a
long time.

All love and eternal gratitude-

PS. Upon completing the Energy Audit, you’ll
receive a personalized email based on your
answers, showing you exactly where you’re at and
what you can do to re-energize your body.
You’ll be shocked to discover what having LOW
energy means to your health…

Discover what your energy says about your health HERE


Greetings Angels,

I just watched this TED Talk and immediately thought of you. I always call this fondly, The Angel Tribe, and if you see this video it is amusing yet poignant.
It’s an amazing time right now, yes NOW! I love that you are here and enjoying the posts. I know I’ve been slacking a bit, but it’s only because I am working so hard in the studio on a new album and a few other projects that are in alignment with The Angel Frequency.

I just took Lisa Williams advanced psychic course and it really blew me away. Lisa had encouraged me years ago to help develop my abilities. But when I was living in Spain, and she moved to LA, it wasn’t the time. Now, 8 years later, she gifted me the class. Lisa is one of the most generous souls on the planet. I feel so very blessed to call her a friend. And she has many! I don’t know how she has time for herself with how much help and service she does? Let alone the countless friends vying for her attention! I can relate though, because time for ourselves does seem to be a very precious commodity.

Do you find enough time for yourself? Time to meditate? Time to just sit and take in a sunset?

So, I don’t think being “psychic” is an exclusive ability. I do believe everyone has the ability, but some are more prone to it. Like being an athlete.

Most anyone could be athletic, but to be an athlete they must dedicate time and practice. I believe the “psychic” muscle is similar.
Do you?

So, while I’ve been honing this part of my brain, doing all the exercises that “stretch” and help to strengthen this muscle. I’ve also been writing, recording and practicing the other important muscles I work with. My voice and my hands, for playing music.
I am trying to find balance to somehow not let anything slip, though sometimes it is The Angel Frequency that takes a back seat and I hope you please understand?
I apologize, because it is very important to me. And as our “tribe” grows, I believe I will be able to eventually incorporate everything to work synergistically together! I hope!

Are you in?


Would you like a reading? I will be creating a new page here so keep an eye out for it soon! (Where you can sign up for an appointment.)



This could save your life and it’s so simple!


The response has been incredible. We have had people signing
up in great numbers for Dr. Thomas Lodi’s Healing from Cancer
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We start tomorrow night, so enrollment is ending by tomorrow

If you haven’t had the chance to catch this free Teleseminar Preview:
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The program starts tomorrow night!
I highly recommend you do before it’s too late.

All love and eternal gratitude-

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