Watch This Movie About GMOs for FREE- till tomorrow ONLY!

Greetings Angels,

Hi again!

I quickly wanted to share this link for a documentary about GMOs called Genetic Roulette.

It is only free to view until tomorrow.

Do you know, many people still don’t even know what that is? GMOs are genetically modified organisms.

And since 1996, in the USA, genetically modified organisms were introduced into our food chain without our consent or knowledge.

Now, the science is starting to prove, this was not a good idea at all.

GMOs are banned in many countries.

In fact, it’s such a bad idea that I can’t believe the only recourse happening now, is that we are voting whether to label those foods in California. But the rest of the USA is filled with farms with Monsanto GMO seeds, and it’s a disaster unfolding.

I believe all across America we should be calling for an all out BAN on GMOS!

I believe the introduction of GMOs into our food is a crime against humanity.

Watch this movie and let me know if you agree?


All love Angels,




Greetings Angels,

I just watched this TED Talk and immediately thought of you. I always call this fondly, The Angel Tribe, and if you see this video it is amusing yet poignant.
It’s an amazing time right now, yes NOW! I love that you are here and enjoying the posts. I know I’ve been slacking a bit, but it’s only because I am working so hard in the studio on a new album and a few other projects that are in alignment with The Angel Frequency.

I just took Lisa Williams advanced psychic course and it really blew me away. Lisa had encouraged me years ago to help develop my abilities. But when I was living in Spain, and she moved to LA, it wasn’t the time. Now, 8 years later, she gifted me the class. Lisa is one of the most generous souls on the planet. I feel so very blessed to call her a friend. And she has many! I don’t know how she has time for herself with how much help and service she does? Let alone the countless friends vying for her attention! I can relate though, because time for ourselves does seem to be a very precious commodity.

Do you find enough time for yourself? Time to meditate? Time to just sit and take in a sunset?

So, I don’t think being “psychic” is an exclusive ability. I do believe everyone has the ability, but some are more prone to it. Like being an athlete.

Most anyone could be athletic, but to be an athlete they must dedicate time and practice. I believe the “psychic” muscle is similar.
Do you?

So, while I’ve been honing this part of my brain, doing all the exercises that “stretch” and help to strengthen this muscle. I’ve also been writing, recording and practicing the other important muscles I work with. My voice and my hands, for playing music.
I am trying to find balance to somehow not let anything slip, though sometimes it is The Angel Frequency that takes a back seat and I hope you please understand?
I apologize, because it is very important to me. And as our “tribe” grows, I believe I will be able to eventually incorporate everything to work synergistically together! I hope!

Are you in?


Would you like a reading? I will be creating a new page here so keep an eye out for it soon! (Where you can sign up for an appointment.)




Greetings Angels,

I got a lot of great feedback from the post about Hydration from my dear friend Loren Lockman. Loren is coming to Los Angeles and will be speaking at LEAF this Friday evening.
11938 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 397 0700
from 6-8pm
As well as Au Lac Weds.

I will definitely be there and would love you to say hi if you can make it?
Loren just gave me another wonderful article to share with you. As I am gearing up to interview Loren especially for you, please make sure to leave your questions here! I will do my best to get all your questions answered. And don’t worry, I didn’t forget, I still have the ones from the hydration article. 🙂
Loren is an expert on body optimization, anti-aging, detoxing, healing and much more.
I hope you will find this article as fascinating as I did!

More than twenty years ago, when I first heard the term “water-only fasting,” I had been quite ill with chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis, sinusitis, and 57 allergies. The idea of going weeks without food sounded both radical and potentially harmful. Today, having done more than 3 dozen fasts of one to three weeks and having taken more than 2000 others through similar processes of up to nine weeks, I see this natural process as the single most potentially-beneficial thing that most people can do.

I’ll do my best to explain, briefly, why I believe this, what fasting is about, and what can happen via fasting.

It’s important to understand that we are affected by the toxins around us both from the outside and from others manufactured in our own bodies. Regardless of the source, though, these various toxins have the ability to poison the body and make proper functioning impossible.

An exacerbating factor is the significant dehydration which is common today, regardless of how much water one drinks. Water is the universal transport medium, and regardless of the preferred channel of elimination for a particular toxin at any given time, lack of proper hydration will thwart the body’s best efforts to cleanse itself. At the same time, the body’s toxicity makes it hard to properly hydrate, creating a vicious circle.

Ultimately, the human body is both self-healing and self-cleansing. The best we can is to learn how to get out of the way, so that the body can do what only the body can do.

But doesn’t this require nutritional support? While it’s true that a starving body has a hard time meeting the extraordinary needs of cleansing and healing, fasting is not starving. What differentiates the two is the simple fact that when we are fasting, the body is getting all of its needs met by consuming reserves, ie, long-term fat stores, as well as anything material that doesn’t belong, including tumors, lipomas, cysts, etc.

We often forget that this is why animals have most fat cells in the first place – to provide food when food is not available in nature (due to floods, droughts, fires, etc.)

It’s also important to understand that processing food through our system each day requires roughly 50% of the body’s daily energy. When we are eating, the energy to cleanse and heal is simply not available. When we give the body a chance to really cleanse and heal itself through fasting properly and long enough, amazing things happen. At my center, we’ve had 100% success in eliminating both hypertension and type two diabetes as well as amazing success with MS, arthritis, poor vision…and almost every condition. Unlike virtually anything else one can do, we see universally excellent results because we are just getting out of the way so that the body can heal itself.

It’s also important to point out that going more than 5 days or so without eating is potentially dangerous given typical levels of toxicity and dehydration, and should be done with experienced supervision, and ideally in an environment that encourages rest and healing. Under these optimal circumstances, there is nothing more powerful than water-only fasting, and if you are committed to your health and vitality, you may want to give this amazing practice a try.

This is some fantastic information, be sure to share this with the angels in your life!
All love and eternal gratitude-

Dolphin Dance Meditation-A GIFT for YOU!

Greetings Angels,

Just a little something I put together especially for YOU!
A present to say thank you so much for being here with me. As well, a special thanks to all of you that “liked” my music page on Facebook for that contest I was trying to win.
Just to give you an update, well, I didn’t win the contest. But it’s OK! I feel like I won!
First and foremost, because of YOU!
Then, for some of you that don’t know, I found my brothers after 30 plus years! (A long story that will have to be a movie one day- and guess what, if you’re here? Then you’re a part of it!!!!) 🙂
I’m in the studio recording with my new band! I am putting my DJ hat on again after a long hiatus and working hard to make The Angel Frequency even better!
I think 2012 is going to be a brilliant year, even if the world ends! 🙂

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There’s a lot of videos there for everything from Higher Consciousness Development to breakthroughs in alternative healing and healthy living to Nutrition Rehab to Healing Music!
Stay tuned, there’s much more to come!
All love and eternal gratitude-

Harvard Says No To Dairy

Greetings Angels,

How are you? I hope you are doing great?

As many of you know I subscribe to a Vegan and Raw way of life. A lot of people ask me how and why?

I just found this great article on CARE2, which is also a wonderful website!

The Harvard School of Public Health made no bones about where they stand on dairy when they sent their findings to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and nutrition experts everywhere with the “Healthy Eating Plate” food guide. This guide is a replacement for the food pyramid, which hadn’t been updated in many years.

Harvard’s nutrition experts claim this guide is based on sound nutrition research and not influenced by food industry lobbyists. According to Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, “The greatest evidence of its research focus is the absence of dairy products from the “Healthy Eating Plate” based on Harvard’s assessment that “…high intake can increase the risk of prostate cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.” The Harvard experts also referred to the high levels of saturated fat in most dairy products and suggested that collards, bok choy, fortified soy milk, and baked beans are safer choices than dairy for obtaining calcium, as are high quality supplements.”

Not only do cows suffer on dairy farms (their babies are byproducts of the cruelest part of factory farming imaginable,) we suffer. Cows milk ingested by humans (remember – this is breast milk for baby cows after all) can cause autism, cancer, weight gain, bad skin, diarrhea, bloating, gas, cramps, vomiting, headaches, rashes, and asthma. We are the only species to ingest the breast milk of another species. Let’s think on that for a second.

I do believe breast milk is the best we can do for our babies. In regards to this article however, I do think it’s surprising they didn’t express concern about the high levels of estrogen in soy and the significant dangers of GMO? I personally stay away from soy, except as a occasional treat and definitely only organic with a label that states NON-GMO! (OK so I’m not perfect! ha ha)

It’s incredible how we went from hunter and gatherers where we knew the danger of our foods, possibly turning on us! 🙂 To now, where we can just easily go into a supermarket, where many people have no idea of the hidden dangers!

I know many people love cheese, but the evolution of man and our society will be to end our addiction to foods that aren’t serving us, the animals, or the planet. Did you know Factory Farming, besides being horrifically cruel, is also one of the main causes of climate change?

Maybe you can’t modify your diet over night? But if you want to “be the change” and actually OCCUPY, one of the greatest ways we can become activist is by the power of our PURCHASES.

The dooms day clock has been moved up one minute and if the Governments of the world aren’t going to take a stand for the serious effects and impact we are having on the planet, then it’s up to us Angels.
The time is indeed, now. DOOMSDAY CLOCK

What are your thoughts?

All love and eternal gratitude,

You are divine

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Did you know?

Fruit-flavored flame retardant-
Mountain Dew, Fanta Orange, Squirt, some flavors of Gatorade and Powerade, as well as other fruit-flavored beverages contain brominated vegetable oil (BVO). On the Nutrition Connection page of its website, the Coca-Cola Company, which manufactures Fanta, defines BVO’s as “stabilizers to prevent the citrus flavoring oils from floating to the surface in beverages.” In other words, as Environmental Health News explains, BVO weighs down the citrus flavoring so that it mixes with the other soda ingredients, just as flame retardants slow down the chemical reactions which can cause fires.

FDA says safe?
Brominated vegetable oil is derived from soybean or corn and contains bromine atoms. BVO was removed from the FDA’s “Generally Recognized as Safe List” for flavor additives in 1970. The Flavor Extract Manufacturers’ Association subsequently petitioned to get BVO re-approved, this time as a stabilizer rather than a flavor additive. Following the submission of industry-generated studies showing that BVO was harmless when present in soft drinks within “safe limits.” The FDA in 1977 granted “interim approval” for use of the substance, limiting it to 15 parts per million. That interim has so far lasted 30 years. The Environmental Health News article quotes an FDA spokesperson as saying that re-examining the status of BVO “is not a public health priority for the agency at this time.”

Many critics in the past have likened the reliance of governmental watchdog agencies like the FDA on industry studies to “the fox guarding the hen house.” One therefore might have cause to wonder about the scientific accuracy of those 1970s industry-generated data which persuaded the FDA to re-approve BVO. Even if those studies were accurate, toxicity testing has improved significantly in the past three decades.

Recent Research
Both animal research and human studies of bromine have demonstrated its toxicity, finding links to lowered fertility, early puberty onset and impaired neurological development. Studies have also shown that bromine builds up in the heart, liver and fat tissue. The accumulation may also appear in breast milk. Because of this evidence, some health safety experts are concerned about bromine’s use even as a flame retardant which can be present in many household items.

Given the high levels of soda many people consume in the US, its presence in soft drinks is alarming. Health experts point in particular to the gamer culture where people may play video games for hours, drinking soft drinks throughout an extended session of gaming. Some soft drink companies, such as Mountain Dew, even offer game tie-ins, awarding players bonus points for drinking more of the soda.

Chemicals, Dollars and Health
The perspective of other countries on this US public health concern offers some interesting perspective. Wim Thielemans, a chemical engineer at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, points out soda manufacturers use natural hydrocolloids to perform BVO’s emulsification function in countries where BVO is banned. Since there are viable alternatives to BVO’s, Thielmans speculates that “the main driver for not replacing them may be cost.”

BVO’s are another in a long list of reasons to avoid drinking sodas, and to teach your children to appreciate healthier beverages. In addition to the high fructose corn syrup of “regular” sodas or aspartame in diet drinks, both of which bring a host of health risks, these are one more poison in the cocktail of chemicals contained in soda.

All love and eternal gratitude-

PS. I found this article and had to share with you.

Comet Lovejoy-Look Up To The Sky!

Greetings Angels,

So many spectacular celestial events happening as we conclude 11 and move into 12. From the full moon eclipse on Saturday, to the meteor shower last night and for those of you that don’t know, a comet the size of two footballs fields plunging into the sun today!
If you’d like to know more just google Comet Lovejoy, or click this link!
Keep your eyes to the sky!

Wishing you all LOVE and JOY-

Clean Drinking Water For The World!

Greetings Angels,

What a wonderful rainy Sunday! It was with happy surprise that I saw the Free Energy post is one of the highest EVER viewed here. Good to know you guys feel the same way I do. It’s time for a BIG change.
Everywhere we can hear on the news or see in the papers, many things that try to make one believe they should be in fear. I say screw that!
But we need each other Angels. We need to keep spreading our collective energy out to the world. Make videos like the Free Energy and this next one, go viral. Because not only is there hope, but we have the ability to turn all this doom and gloom around!
Everyone knows about the Occupy Movement. It’s sadly true, that there are multi-national corporations, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Industrial War Complex, that don’t have our best interests. But, just on the Angel Frequency alone, there are more of us then them! Our tribe is growing daily! We just need to keep focused on the positive, and at some point, everyone everywhere all across the globe is going to have to demand that our addiction to Oil be severely limited if not eliminated. Free energy will be our salvation to a greener, cleaner, happier world.

I see a world where everyone has everything they need.

All love and eternal gratitude-

The Future of Free Energy is Here Now


Let me know what you think?

All love and eternal gratitude-

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